what`s this about?

Morning my little easter buddies.

Are you full of choccy? I am.

Now, for the past few days I have been getting many messages in my e-mail inbox, from this site.

It seems I am getting notified of any replies to posts I have answered …which are not actually to me…but between the poster and the respondent.

Is this making sense?

I did ask the mods if they could tell me what`s answer yet.

is it happening to anyone else?

luv Polllx



Not me neither

Lisa x

Hello Poll,

It’s not happening to me eithrer, but it must be nice to be popular?


Hi Poll

If you look across the top of any post, there are a few tabs (Report Thread; Add to Favourites etc). One of these is Get Email Alerts. Whenever I reply to a post it automatically signs me up to getting an email every time someone replies. All you need to do is to click on the tab to cancel email alerts.

Hope that fixes it.


Hi Dan, cheers for trying to help.

Yeh, i always click on the get email alerts when I do a new post. that`s always fine.

But this problem is a bit different. hard to explain.but this is what is happening;

im getting e mail alerts to anyones replies to a post I also replied to.

I dont want these alerts…55 one day!

I have tried unsubscribing but it doesnt stop the problem.


luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Yes its been happening to me with the posts I had with you I’ve also received the answers from evryone else who replied to you. Fills up the inbox quickly. It said I could opt out but I didn’t as I thought if I opted out it might opt me out of everything.

It might be a bit of a blip.

Hope you had a good Easter

BW, Mary

Hi Poll,

I haven’t exactly had your problem but had an advertising company trying to sell me kitchen units in my inbox. There must be someting odd going on.



Hi Mary, oh I thought it was just me for a minute there.

Stewart is trying to fix it for me, but today I have lots more.


Easter was busy…kids here…chocolate…lots of chocolate!

luv Pollx