Email notifications

Hi admin not sure where to post this, but I’m not receiving notifications of replies to posts i started to my email.

Have is been changed? Dont we get email notifications anymore on posts started?

Or please could u advise as to what im doing wrong, as i’ve checked all my settings and they seem to be ok.


Hi, I am able to get notification of replies. When I have typed out and submitted a new post, then I can see how the post will look on the forum, on a new screen, then at the bottom right hand corner, there is the relevant bit to click on.

Next I get a subscription question and I click on agree. I may not have explained this too well, but if it isn`t clear and you are still having problems, send a pm to a mod…i always find greg to be helpful.

good luck

luv Pollx

thanx poll, im going to try a test one as got no more questions to ask, lol. sorry everybody plz ignore it.