Email notifications??

Before the revamp I use to reply to something then click on email so I wouldn’t forget, can’t find that option anymore? Or am I just missing something, said yes to email in settings, still get nothing, any advice, thanks.

I clicked on yes to email notifications also but don’t get any

Jan x

Me too!

Good, not to be the only one, don’t think we will get any help though, they are not very helpful on this forum, don’t mean the readers,

Aww SquiffyG, that’s not fair Steph’s sorted out problems for me they are doing their best.

Send a private message to Steph or Stewart, they will act on it

Take care x

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I agree with Blossom, I have recently had loads of help with a different problem I messaged about? Hopefully this will be sorted soon…then I can start moaning about the amount of emails I get

Jan x

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Hi all,

Thank you for the reporting the problems with notifications. We did think this was now working, as we are getting notification emails, so good to know! Emails may go into spam folders, if this is the case if you mark the email as ‘not-spam’ it should stop this from happening.

We’ll investigate this now.

Many thanks,

Steph (admin)

I wonder if this is also an iPad problem.


We’re painfully aware of how annoying it all is- and really do appreciate your continued understanding. Thanks for your nice words.

Tell you what- if I didn’t have Steph here to mop up me tears & make me laugh through the clouds, I’d be in the Twilight Home for Those Who’re Quite Out of Shape.

Stewart (admin)


Ok, ok, I will take back the no one helps post, it’s just that iv asked before and had no reply at all, mabe I needed to ask publicly then as well. Lol, will be patient in future.

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