help please

can anyone tell me

how to get an email message when someone replies to a post you put on? i used to on the old site but havnt a clue why i dont anymore. thanks in advance from my puddled brain. x

hi,I hope somebody can help cos I want to know too!

Lynne x  confused


I don't think you can get an email message anymore like the old site did, but I may be wrong.

I have checked on my account and all I can find is 'Receive email notification for incoming private messages'.

Maybe you could ask the Mods.

Jacky x


Yes I can. When you post a message on the board and then look at it on the forum you can see in the bottom right corner an option to ‘Get Email Alerts’. Just click on that and there you go. Very handy.


Hi Janet, I don`t think we can get this...just notification of a PM.


We have to look back at posts we replied to and scroll down to see if the poster replied to our reply.


Complicated, I know!

How you doing?

luv Pollx