Still getting use to this but thank you

I posted about a month ago after just being diagnosed, claiming not to feel anything. Well I now have pins and needles all up my left leg, its creeping up my waist just on the left. I’m not sure what to take to reduce it. I’ve got physio tomorrow and see my nurse on Wednesday. It’s been hard but the forum has helped massively, I’ve done lots of reading and know it takes most people about 2.years to deal with it, I can see why, but hang in there.That’s it really, I struggle to talk to my family because I feel guilty, they don’t need to worry. So I guess what I mean is thank you really.

Hi there x I so hope your nurse can help you with the pins & needles xx

You shouldn't feel guilty about talking to your family about what is going on with you x my experience is that whist some people are happy to bury their heads in the sand - most familiy members want to help - and in order to help they need to know what you are going through xxxx

As for thank you's - me too!! I'm so grateful for this forum and the chance to just air things & be in contact with others who understand xx

Take care & let us know what happens this week xxxjenxxxx

Hi, It does take sometime for it all to sink in but really does help if you are able to talk to members/member of your family or friends as to how it feels. They will never fully undestand how it does feel but will give them some idea that there really is something there that they cannot see.

Good luck with the physio tomorrow, I'm still waiting for my appointment and I was dx in November 2011!!

Take care and keep us posted.



Hang in there and you will find the new you.

Wobblies will happen from time to time but thats when we are at our best,especially if you dont want to moan or rant at the family

Take care   Pip

The pins and needles are horrible arent they. I'm still in limbo.

Definitely talk to your  family, they can't help if they dont know how to (says me who never asks for help lol)

I talk to my husband and 2 very close friends and thats enough for me at the moment (I will only tell my Mum when I absolutely have to, she is great but will ring every 5 mins to check I'm ok)

Hope you are ok x


Thank you for the kind messages.
My little sister and mum have been amiazing, even if has been for a little cry.
Work has been grating on me but that’s another post. I called my ms nurse yesterday, she thinks the pins and needles is another episode, so I’ll see how tomorrow goes. I’m hoping we’ll talk DMD or DMT whichever term x