it still amazes me does pins and needles

just come back from Asda and whilst paying for my shopping I suddenly had pins and needlses in my gums and my left arm began to shake and become weak. Trying to ignore my symptoms as much as poss as I have not diagnosis yet. keep going into short trans too and my family are starting to notice. work sent me my notice of termination of contract yesterday so mixed feelings with everything at the moment. So had my hair coloured and blow dryed to cheer me up.

they amaze me too.still waiting for my long have you been off or ill?

since September 2012. I was also off for 6 weeks in Jan 2012. Have you had your 3rd employment review meeting yet?

Did you mean short trances? Any sort of “zoning out” should be checked out, at least with your GP. Does your neuro know about them?

A new hairdo will do the world of good :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Karen x

yes a good new hairdo is the best mood enhancer going.

it should be available on prescription!!

carole x

Hi Karen, yes short trans, I was in home and bargain carpark with my sister who went to put the troolly back and I find myselt shutting off and staring into space, my family generally nock on something to bring me back, its why i am reluctant to go out on my own.

I can sympathise with the randomness of pins an needles, i had the in my eye lids yesterday, very strange experience. I’m not dx yet either and finding the sudden pins a needles attacks really disconcerting.

Pins and needles are a nuisance. I get them mainly in my feet and legs. Quite often when I’m simply lying in bed, I’ll feel them creeping down my leg! Most of the time I’m lucky though, as they don’t stay too long. Hour maybe, sometimes less. The longest time I’ve had pins and needles was in my little finger on my left hand. (not terribly important place I know!) But it stayed for a month short of 2 years!! I also get them in my … ahem… lady area!!

I also had that trance thing, only a few times, but each time while I’ve been on holiday in hot countries!