Stiff hand

Started with numb but not numb fingers & hand last night, worsened tremors too. Woke up with a stiff hand, index & middle fingers feel burnt at the ends, and I keep getting tingles/buzzes through both hands.

Going to call MS Nurse today, but this is all new to me. Anything I can do at home to help? Soaking hands or something?

I’d love to know the answer to this one too as this is one of my worse symptoms. I think soaking in hot water might help slightly.

The hand therapy clinic said to try alternative hot then cold water but both felt dreadful (I have a sensory problem with water too, makes it difficult to wash). I have just recently been able to keep my hand in water at all and noticed that the symptoms eased slightly when immersed in hot water. I have not tried icing, but will do now, thanks. Btw I am not diagnosed, just had brain lesions and severe symptoms that left me hospitalised for 3 weeks.

I had this once with a relapse too and couldn’t wash up as it set off a spasm in my left hand and was very painful. My hand used to end up stuck in a claw position until I cooled it down. At the time I hadn’t been able to drive for a month due to absolutely no feeling in my feet and the first time I drove it was awful as I could feel every little vibration through the steering wheel. I ended up taking my left hand off the wheel for most of the short journey. My left hand is still the worst one and has pins and needles every day but I can live with that.

Tracey x

I get this. Heat makes mine worse. Cool water helps. Washing up or washing my hair etc is a nightmare. Hope you find something that helps. I take pregabalin to help with this and other symptoms Lynn

Hand feels better this aft, swearing fingers are still stiff though. Have video’d jumping fingers to show neuro at next review. as sods law it won’t be as bad that day-

I spoke too soon. But I’ve got a v sore throat that I didn’t have this morning, which would explain a lot.

I have really sore and stiff hands allthough right hand is worse. find bending my finger quite painfull. Also get shock like thing happening in my fingers. Does anyone else get this.x

Hope you feel better soon, Jen

You’re going through a rough patch lately. I suspect that nasty chest infection is to blame.

Tracey x