Tingling/pins and needles - temporary

So, I was in the bathtub today and I put my arms down by my sides (under the water, to keep my arms from getting cold). Within moments, I had INTENSE tingling/pins and needles in my fingers. It was much stronger in my right hand only the last 3 fingers than anywhere else.

I thought it was odd, so I took my hands out of the water and it stopped within 20 seconds. I put them back in the water down by my sides and it came back. It felt like I’d been sitting on my hands for an hour, lost circulation, then stuck my hands in a bucket of freezing water.

What does “MS tingling/pins and needles” feel like? It must last quite a while and not go away, right? As opposed to being temporary and stopping so quickly? I just thought it was strange because I’d had my arms down by my sides for less than 30 seconds – it wasn’t like I’d been sitting on my hands for ages or something. What an odd thing. Come to think of it, the fingers on my right hand are tingly right now, but it’s hardly noticeable. I could easily ignore it.

This week has been weird… constant twitchy eye, extreme fatigue yesterday, tingly fingers… I wonder if I should see my GP again and tell him about this? Would it speed up the process of getting in to be seen by the neurologist?

Hi Heather

The temperature can make a difference - some people find that the cold makes them worse, for me it’s the humidity & heat although I love the sun - that also includes hot baths.

Have you already got an appt to see a neuro?

Best to make a brief note of your symptoms, starting with the worst ones and take the list with you when you do see the neuro.

Debbie xx

Hi Heather, that is a weird thing and one I’ve never heard of. I agree with Debbie, make a note of it and discuss it with neuro. I assume you are waiting for appointment?

It might have been caused by the hot bath but I think it also sounds like it could be a trapped nerve.

Pins & needles with MS can vary in intensity and sometimes includes numbness or semi-numbness. Usually lasts for hours, days or longer but it’s the fact that you were getting it when you moved your arms that sounds like a trapped nerve. Anyway, hopefully it was a ‘one off’ and won’t come back.

Hope you get some answers soon,

Pat x


i had this yesterday where i was filling the bath and my hands were tingling and like you describe, it does feel like you’re warming up when you’ve been really really cold. i have been ill for a few years now and just dont take any notice of the odd stuff anymore unless its really painful. i think it would have to be more serious before you get your neuro appt brought forward so i would just make a note of it and tell them when you go.

best wishes

mandy xx