Starting Amantadine

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started on Amantadine, 100mg per day first thing in the morning, to treat fatigue.

Being regularly on the forum I’ve long been aware of this drug, but was apprehensive about trying it.

Have now taken the plunge.

Am wondering how others have got on.


Hi Ben,

I take 200 mg every day without any side effects.


Thank you Anthony, that’s reassuring.


I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks now and although I haven’t had any side effects, it hasn’t made any difference to my levels of fatigue. I’m not sure how long it should take to notice a difference though. I was expecting to be like a woman with a new lease of life, sadly not.

It’s worth giving it a go and fingers crossed it works for you.


hi ben

i’ve been taking it for a month.

no side effects and no effect at all.

i’d love to try modafinil but you can’t even buy it on the internet without having seen a doctor about it.

well it was a doctor who prescribed it so i’ll give it another month and then splash out!

carole x

Thank you Sue, fingers crossed for you too.


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Hi Carol

Well you’re the third here to report no adverse side-effects, so that’s good news; however, it does look like it’s slow to kick-in.

As ever, it’s a case of suck it and see.


Amantadine worked wonders for me for a while, no side effects. One problem I did have it started to loose its effectiveness, i’m now on Modafinil which works much better for me.