Amantadine - how soon does it work?

I’ve just started taking amantadine to help with fatigue. How long will it be before I know if it’s working for me, or not?

Can anyone help?


Hi, saw your post has no replies, so thought i`d try to bump it.

I did try it once, but it caused constipation, so I elbowed it, before I knew if it helped with fatigue.

Hope someone else can answer your question.

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I started amantadine a few months ago, its not a magic pill but my problem was i was too tired to keep on working during the day and it sort of works. I was hopeing for something stronger and its effects are mild but it seems to help. I cant decide wether it works or the placibo effect is working but hey i dont care it seems to help.

I take it first thing in the morning and by 4 it seems to have worn off




What dose do you take? My Doctor said to try 100mg for a month and increase to 200mg if I want, taking the second capsule at lunchtime.


I take 100mg and was told if it didnt work i could try Modofili ??

I am taking the drug for muscle fatigue. I don’t think modafinol will help that, but will stop sleepiness.


nope thats the one - see below from this web site

Modafinil (Provigil)

This drug is used to treat narcolepsy, a sleep disorder which causes people to sleep excessively during the day.

There have been several small studies looking at modafinil to treat fatigue in MS, but they have had conflicting results and have not proved the benefits of taking modafinil.

However, it is sometimes prescribed for people with MS fatigue and some people who take it say it helps. Side effects can include insomnia and headaches.

I’ve been taking amantadine for four days. So far, it seems as if my walking is better - quicker, steadier and I don’t need so many rests.
Might be my imagination, or placebo! Time will tell.