Starflower (borage) oil

Hello All. New to this forum and I have a question about supplements.

I’ve had MS for a long time and was diagnosed back in 1988. I’ve been lucky and am not too bad. Fatigue my main issue. I took Naudicelle Forte, 6 capsules a day, but can get this from Holland and Barrett 1 capsule a day for a lot less.

My question. It’s so difficult to cut through all of the technical on the ingredients. If I buy these am I getting what I need? Are they just as good as naudicelle? Realising that Naudicelle has fish oil too.

Many thanks.

Hi Personally I don’t buy any supplements for Holland and Barrett because the strength of most of their supplements are so low they aren’t worth having,I buy my supplements from Lambert’s they are more expensive but they are better quality