CBD oil at Holland and Barrett

Hi, I was looking at CBD oil in Holland and Barrett, mainly because there’s been such a fuss about it in the press. Has anyone tried it, it’s obviously a very low concentration so I just wondered if it had any effect on MS. I take baclofen for night spasms and it is very good but on the couple of occasions I haven’t taken it for some reason I’ve had horrible withdrawal symptoms so always on the lookout for alternatives.

Many thanks

Becky x

hi becky

the low concentration from holland and barrett is unikely to do any harm.

may not do much good either but give it a go.

let us know how you get on.

carole x


Take a look at this thread.

​The content in the H&B oil is very low. I take CBD paste with a 16.4% CBD content. It works for me; no more painkillers and improved sleep and bladder control.

Do you take Magnesium as it can help with spasms.

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Did nothing for me, even the at high strength, but I did only try it for 6 weeks, maybe it needs to build up in the body ?

Thanks Alun, I thought that was probably the case. I’ll check out that thread. I used to use magnesium oil which worked for a while but then it seemed to become less effective, I’ll look into magnesium supplements as I could do with something during the day that’ll help mild spasms but not wipe me out.

Thanks again



Should you decide to try CBD you may find that it helps with mild spasms.

I buy mine from CBD Brothers and 5mls costs £36 and lasts about 5 weeks. I take three doses a day. It will not wipe you out or make you high as the paste contains very little THC which is the psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant. Nevertheless, I find that it does aid my general sense of wellbeing.

Best wishes