Going from Baclofen to CBD oil

Afternoon all,

I decided last week that I’d like to give CBD oil a go for nighttime spasms and see if I can start using it instead of the baclofen that I take at the moment. The main reason being that I ran out of baclofen a few months ago but thought I’d be fine for one night. Unfortunately I then had to spend the next day feeling dreadful from what I can only assume were withdrawal symptoms, it really surprised me because I’m only on 20mg. So I thought I would take the CBD oil (that I got from some Brothers) alongside the baclofen and then start reducing the baclofen dosage. I’m not sure this was a good idea because I’ve been feeling fairly ropey for the last few days and I’m finding sleeping really difficult, not a problem I was expecting on CBD oil to be honest!

Anyway, enough rambling. Has anyone done this switch, does it work and how did you do it? I have the distinct feeling that I’ve been a bit of a div about the whole thing…

Many thanks

Becky x

I’ve done exactly as you’ve asked, gone from Baclofen onto 100% pure CBD oil.

I found that the Baclofen had a bit of a hit & miss effect on my symptoms so after about 6 months I weaned off and tried the CBD oil,unfortunately this had no effect what so ever, so after some discussion with my consultant I was allowed to try Sativex, which I’m trialling now, but if I’m honest I haven’t seen much improvement at all ! I feel that the Sativex might just possibly have a slightly better effect than straight forward CBD oil, which after all just contains CBD and no THC, but nothing to get excited about.

In fact after my Sativex trial, which has another 6 weeks to go I might ask to give Baclofen another go but at a different dose or combine it with something else ?

I’m coming to the conclusion that some people with MS just don’t have the positive effects that others might experience when trying out different meds ect.

I tried it as well, but, like jactac, the CBD oil alone did not help my spacticity. I found that I wasn’t sleeping as and that my mobility decreased due to the rigidness in my legs and spasms in my right hip. I went back to Baclofen and continue to use the CBD oil for sleeping, anxiety, and the increased numbness and tingling in my arms and hands on stressful days.

I don’t know if there’s any validity to this, but I also just read that CDB can help with cognitive functioning as well. I haven’t noticed any changes in that aspect, but I also haven’t been paying attention to it.

The herb shop I was getting my CBD oil from is owned and run by a well know herbalist who has written and had published many books on cannabis for medicinal usage, he also does seminars around the UK and even the world, I would give his name but I guess the mods would remove it, but if you want to PM me I will pass it on. After a number of visits to his shop and spending £70 each time on the CBD oil he actually pulled me to one side and said that CBD oil by its self was ok with some people for some minor symptoms of MS but in reality we would need both the CBD & THC to see a marked difference. Basically he said I was wasting £70 on each visit just buying the CBD oil. I found this a bit surprising but very pleased he was so honest, as he could of just kept taking my money. He actually said that I should do my upmost to get my consultant to prescribe Sativex, which contains both CBD & THC. I guess it all depends on your individual symptoms and what you want from the CBD oil, I was looking for a lot more than it actually offered. The Sativex definitely relaxed me more at night, to the point were my legs started to feel even heavier, in fact my whole body felt loaded down, which is not what I was looking for. The CBD oil did nothing for me at all, and I was buying a high pure concentration.

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Hi folks,

I was contemplating on using CBD oil for my MS leg spasms. Questioned my neurologist about Sativex. MS Nurse says if I don’t take my Baclofen my legs will be even stiffer! I’m currently taking a total of 60mg Baclofen plus 20mg Amitriptyline. Completely baffled! Oh yes I have SPMS.

Any advise out there?

Thanks Jac, really good to hear first hand experience! Baclofen mostly works for me but I worry if I was unwell and unable to take it that I’d have to suffer the withdrawal along with the illness. Paranoia but the withdrawal was not fun! I guess I was pinning my hopes on CBD being something that I could take with limited side effects and no withdrawal, guess if something seems too good to be true…

Thanks for the links, I’ve bookmarked them just in case they get removed! Interesting reading.

Thanks again

Becky x

Thank you, this was just what I was looking for! I was hoping that the CBD oil would be the answer to getting off baclofen but it’s obviously not that simple is it? A good night’s sleep really doesn’t seem that much to ask does it?

Thanks again

Becky x

You could do worse than try magnesium and see if that helps to ease problems with spasm. It’s a beneficial mineral and not likely to do any harm.

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I was just about to say that Whammel. I use the magnesium spray from Holland and Barrett. I spray it onto my palm and massage it to wherever I hurt or am stiff. Brilliant almost instant relief, stops spasms and even helps me to sleep.


I’ve read great things about Mag so decided last year to try supplements but found I was getting nasty headaches and a stiff neck, at first I thought it was my imagination but when it continued I Googled MAG overload and the symptoms were exactly like I was having. I did try different types of Mag but I was either getting these daft headaches or finding that it did nothing for my stiffness.

Perhaps a different form again might help ?

I used the spray as applied topically it by passes the digestive system and avoiding diahorrea which some people get.

I used to use it and it was great for a while but then it stopped working which is why I moved onto baclofen. I had forgotten about it though so I might give it another go, thanks for the reminder! I guess I might be able to lower the baclofen dose if I combine it with magnesium oil, it’d mean that any withdrawal would be reduced. I like having options!

Thanks again

Becky x

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i found an oil which i could vape, excellent.

however the oil kept burning the coil out and had to keep buying new ones.

worse still i haven’t been able to get that oil again.

bah! back to the drawing board i suppose

Are you sure these oils will help you?

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