Sativex Experiences

Anyone out there with experience of Sativex? I am trying to get it into my system with mixed results. Would like your comments. Joymary x

Hi, yep I use it, have been for 2 or 3 years

I didn’t answer your question though! I just said this to another post though:

Hi CC,

I hope you’re still reading responses to this but if it’s too late don’t worry I’m sorry. I’ve been taking Sativex For two or three years now and I have found it invaluable. I was taking baclofen to help with spasms but I found that if I took more than three a day I could barely function my legs were too weak. I’d try and take 4 and wouldn’t be able to get out of bed so I struggled on with three. A holiday in California give me the opportunity to try some of the cannabis pharmacies and so I bought some chocolates some cookies and some CBD spray thinking I could bring the spray back to the UK legally as full-spectrum would be illegal. The chocolate was incredibly strong and I loved the being stoned bit but it got in the way of functioning. The cookies were different though, I suspect because they’re not so strong. What was amazing was that I could sleep without waking up for spasms and when I did wake up in the morning my legs were not in agony. That was quite a revelation. CBD did nothing.

I mentioned this to my neuro the next time I saw him and they suggested that this was good evidence that Sativex might work for me, so i was referred and given a try. The doctors advice was to start with one or two sprays and work up to a point where it was working but that I wasn’t stoned so it was a fair bit of trial and error really. The main time to attempt it was at night so that I could benefit from the improvement in spasms that kept me awake so I started with three sprays at night. To cut a long story short, I now take six sprays at night and if I need one in the morning I’ll have one and I may have a couple throughout the day depending on how bad the spasms are. As time has gone on and I’ve exercised less than I should my spasms have got worse. Talking to the neuro we fiddled all the meds around and I increased the baclofen I take at night to keep the dosage of Sativex down. I was finding that taking more than eight or nine sprays a day was too much and occasionally in the day I’ll take three or four and will be in cloud cuckoo land.

I find it helps for joint pain as well as spasms, It can stop my knee pain in about 20 seconds it’s that fast. I had a patch in spring where I was over using it I think to about a dozen to 15 sprays a day which is too much and whilst there’s nothing certain about it I have a feeling it affected my mental health so I cut it right back to 6 at night and very rarely another spray in the day, and increased baclofen to two x 10mg three times a day. Now the time in a wheelchair full time needing to keep dosage low so I can walk is less of an issue. I’ve been cautious about mentioning the mental health aspect to any medics in case they take the Sativex off me. I need to address it though as it’s still not right.

Hopefully helpful.