new to Sativex

Hi There

I started Sativex last night on one spray as I’ve been told to do. My question is to people who are already taking it , how many sprays suit you? Just a bit of research on my part really.

Thanks, Mary

Mary, l have been using Sativex for over 3yrs. At first l had to get a private prescription via my GP and pay for it. Then when it became licensed for MS use l was able to get it on nhs prescription.

l tried Baclofen and Tizanidine first - with ghastly results. lf l had continued l think l would have given up trying to ‘stand’ and move about - all be it with a rollator and scooter. These drugs made me so weak and feeble - even unable to think clearly - certainly not able to drive a car.

At the time l was taking them l was also getting regular massage from a sports therapist. He was trying to get my muscles working better and improve my walking gait. When l started on these meds he noticed how my muscles were weakening and not responding.

l use 3 or 4 sprays at bedtime - to help me sleep without muscle spasms. On bad days l might take a spray or two late afternoon as well. l can understand folk using cannabis for pain and spasticity - as l suppose the ‘real stuff’ works even better-but you need to know what you are doing. Growing your own is the safest way - then you know its not mixed with 'nasties’and there are different types of plants - some much too strong. There is probably information ‘out there’ about the right sort of plants. l have never smoked - so l would need to make herbal cookies.

lts trial and error with Sativex to get the amount you use correct. One spray at a time is recommended. lt does not work instantly - and the effects quite subtle. There are 90 sprays in a phial - so it does last a long time.

Thanks for your reply to my question. I have had to buy my own Sativex because my GP and consultant in my area won’t give me a script due to the expense but I am determined to try it and find out if it will help me. So far so good!


4-5 sprays does me nicely.

I found it took the edge of my stiffness but I haven’t taken it for a few months now to see how I was without it, think I might go back to it. I had to fund it myself too. I just took one spray a day or sometimes two at the most because it made me high and I work and couldn’t go to my work like that! Cheryl:-)