My consultant has allowed me to trial Satifex? I’m hoping to relieve the painfull stiffness & spasticity in my legs.

Anyone share their experiences please? Preferably good ones!

Sativex? Not had it, but have had good and bad experiences with the ‘unofficial’ version in the past. Before my MS took off though, so can’t comment on it’s effectiveness for symptoms. I would have no issues doing so again to help with my pain and spasms but I don’t want to smoke and the wife would not be happy.

I think Sativex can be difficult to get prescribed depending on where in the UK you live so make the most of it and fingers crossed it works well for you.

Remember to carry a letter with you stating you are taking it if you are still driving (so the police don’t arrest you for drug-driving). Don’t think many people would want to drive on it though.

Now although I don’t really want to take meds, this 1 I’d really like to try, I’ve ask my nurse and neuro, but so far they say they haven’t been given the go ahead, my nurse and neuro say I’m a good candidate for it, so I’d love to know what part of the country you’re in, I’m in West Yorkshire, (Huddersfield ) x x

Try Tizanindine 2mg been on it for 6 years stops stiffening of legs in bed they only last 2 hours then you take another up to 6 per night



I’m in Northampton and many of my friends (with MS) went on the clinical trials for Sativex (before it got its licence). I remember one friend who found Sativex helped her jumpy legs at night HUGELY, and when they were all taken off the drug after a month’s trial I thought she was going to fight them for the drug it had helped her (and therefore her poor bruised husband) so much!

After a while, Sativex got its licence and my friend finally got her own prescription for Sativex. I think she had it as a spray (under tongue). I’ve only heard good things about this drug and I hope it helps you too!

Sorry to be the one who it didn’t work for as I had high hopes for it . I had lower back muscle spasm for several years , nothing worked for me eventually had a 3 month trial of Sativex spray it didn’t help with The pain but I did lose two and a half stone which helped with mobility issues and relieved areas affected by gait changes .I still have lower back spasms which have become more bearable with CBT.

Been on sativex for a number of years . It helps me with stiffness and has reduced involuntary foot movement in bed .It does help you relax and sleep much better . What nobody mentions is the taste . Its like you have eaten all the grass from the lawnmower ! A price worth paying in my opinion .


I’m going anon to post this - tried some CBD Oil, and yes it tasted foul - but did the job!