sativex in dudley borough?

I really want to try sativex for my leg spasms/stiffness. Last time I asked my neuro he said he could not prescribe it.

Does anyone in Dudley borough have sativex prescribed through the NHS?

Also, I understand that my neuro could make an individual request to the NHS to prescribe it for me, if he could justify that it may benefit me. Does anyone have any experience of this? I am seeing my MS nurse at the hospital next week and would like to be forearmed with all the relevant information!


l have been using Sativex for about 3yrs. l get mine via nhs prescription. The criteria being that you have tried - and failed with - the usual muscle relaxants - ie Baclofen/Tizanidine. My GP contacted the Neuro for his say so. Usually lots of info on Sativex and cannabis in the Pathways magazines produced by MS-UK.

Thanks spacejacket. What area are you in?

The frustrating thing is, I know cannabis works to relax my stiff legs, but I don’t want to be stoned during the day! I am sure Satiex would benefit me a lot. I’ve tried every other drug I’ve been offered for spasticity and the side effects have always outweighed the negligible benefits.