I’ve just been prescribed Sativex. Anybody had any experience with it?

I found it very helpful. Unfortunately I was unable to get an NHS prescription. Nina

I think with sativex it is a postcode lottery, well done you, hope it makes life easier.

Pam x

Hi, well done you. Very few on here can get it at all.

speak to spacejacket on el, as she uses it.

Hope it helps.


Will your GP - prescribe it as many find their neuro says yes then the GP can’t get the PCT to ok it. My GP has prescribed it for me for over 3 years - l find it works well. With no side-effects. Baclofen/Tizanidine l could not get on with - they made me feel so weak and feeble - unable to get about.

We all seem to react differently.

Start you Sativex at bedtime - just one spray under your tongue - see how you feel. You should find it easier to get comfortable in bed as it stops the spasticity and spasms in your legs.

l now use 3 or 4 sprays at night. And perhaps 1 or 2 during the evening.

The phials last a long time - so not nearly as expensive a med as most.

Started it today. My GP is very supportive and has got backing from my pain consultant so everything has been incredibly smooth. I have tried just about every anti-spasmodic drug there is but suffered horrendous side effects with no compensating benefit. Having been written off by the rehab consultant, my physio suggested me as a candidate for Sativex and it’s gone well from then. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Let us know how it goes

I started my Nabilone trial last night… I felt a little more spaced than I expected but I’m hoping that’s just because I’m starting a new med. On the plus side, I’ve coped a teensy bit better walking today (unless my imagination is running riot!).

Like others have said about bad side effects, I also had bad experiences with baclofen/tizanidine & Dantrolene. As a consequence, I was quite pro sativex as it seems like a more natural approach. But when I went to Neuro rehab, the consultant thinks I don’t need it just yet but said the Nabilone might be worth looking at - as taking half a Baclofen when I got desperate, was not worth it.

I’m hoping I get used to it quickly and things normalise a bit - the reason I was keen on this type of medication is because all the usual suspects, make you so bloomin’ drowsy. It’s difficult being at work and yawning so hard that your mascara runs!

Sonia x

Good luck with the trial Sonia. I will look forward to hearing more about how you get on. Nina x