Hi everyone anyone tries CBD oil is any help whit day to day living?

Not for me it is isn’t. I’ve been trying for six weeks so far, I’ll give it another six if no improvement I’ll save myself £50.00 a month. Jan x

Did nothing for me, what so ever.

I tried 10% pure CBD oil, £60 per bottle, but had no benefit !!!

I was then put on a Sativex trial, again no dramatic improvement !

Now I’m back on Baclofen with a possible plan to try it combined with Sativex, but waiting for confirmation from consultant.

I gave the CBD oil about 4 months in total but gave up in the end, in fact it was the herbalist who was selling it to me who actually advised me to “stop wasting my money”, which I thought was decent and honest of him, because I would of probably just kept throwing money at it !

I think bottom line is, if you dont see improvement within a month or so then its doubtful you’ll notice any significant improvement at all ?

However everyone is different, so give it a go and see what happens, perhaps set a time scale and write a bit of a diary noting any improvements (if any), big or small, then at the end of your “trial” weigh up the benefits V cost/side effects.