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I met (by chance) with a lady a little younger than me today, who has rrms for thirty years now. During conversation we spoke about CBD oil, Charlotte’s Web Oil she referred to it as. Here in Ireland, she buys it from Dublin. Taken sub lingually, expensive but worth it for her she said and uses it regularly. I know it comes up on the forum every so often. I think my scepticism comes from my LDN trial last year. I used it for 3/4 months and found it to be of no use to me. I don’t want to buy this expensive product and feel conned. Can I ask for honest reviews from anyone who uses it please?

I’m meeting my Neuro tomorrow and will (hopefully) have my latest mri results along with my blood work results, all done recently. I intend to ask her if Sativex is an option for me and if not, I shall be telling her I intend to give CBD oil a try. I would be hoping for some control of my right foot again, to be able to get rid of the freezing cold/numb feeling in it, that;s when I actually can feel it! My insomnia is also bordering on ridiculous now also. If it might help with that, that would be good too.

I personality have never heard of it . What is the l n d thing that I have read on some posts?.how expensive is the oil?

There hundreds of threads on LDN Rosie! It’s easier for me to give you this link to copy and paste, rahter than try to explain. or do what I did, put LDN into the little search box above where you post. :slight_smile:


CBD Oil is to put it simply, Cannabis with the illegal stuff that gets you high, removed, but the "good"parts left. Very simplified I’m afraid! Again, put CBD in that search box for a mine of information. :slight_smile:

Thee’s nothing wrong with ‘simplified’ Poppy. In fact it’s a very useful skill.

Wish that some of our professionals had it.

I’ve tried Canabidol Gel-tabs but didn’t notice any benefits.

Best wishes.


Thank you John. Having spoken with my Neuro today, we had a chat about this. She did say it’s effect on Epilepsy was interesting. She didn’t seem to have any real opinion on it one way or the other though. She was surprised how readily available it was over the internet. I assured her anything is available if you search long enough! :slight_smile:

However, after further discussion, she has prescribed Baclofen to me, for the pain/tightness around my knees, particularly in the morning. We all understand it isn’t going to wondrously allow me to perform the Can-Can but, monitoring the dosage and results carefully, it may offer some relief. As a muscle relaxant she said it may make me feel drowsy so to be taken at night. This possibly, might have a double benefit of helping me sleep, as my insomnia is bordering on ridiculous now. Let’s hope it does what I would like. It will be a lot cheaper than CBD.

Magnesium Malate or Glycinate - or Good State lionic Magnesium will help with pain/cramp/spasms in joints and muscles - and will help you sleep. lt is needed along with Vitd3 to help with MS and other auto-immune diseases.

Just google vitd3 and magnesium deficiency MS.

So many bad side -effects with Baclofen and Tizanidine. They actually mess up all of your muscles. lts because of the problems l had taking these meds that the neuro advised me to have Sativex on prescription. That was about 4yrs ago. Still get it.

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Thanks Spacejacket. I already use the Magnesium spray at night and it does help with spasms. I also take Vitd on prescription.