NAD + supplement.

Hi guys,

It’s been ages since I’ve been on the forum and feel I must try and slow or halt my secondary progressive ms.

I was dx 10 years ago and at first things were fine till after 3/4 years I developed a limp and symptoms have slowly but surely became worse. There are too many effects to bore you with.

My point is that a vitamin supplement called NAD+ has been tested on mice as an anti-aging drug and works. I also read somewhere that it can repair brain damage to people who have taken legal high drugs.

Now we all know our nerve insulation has broken down and I for one won’t sit back without trying something new. I realise drug companies wouldn’t make much money out of a ms solution, thought about NAD+ and will give it a go.

I’ve ordered niacinamide vitamin B3 1,500 mg (slow release) tablets costing about £13.98 for 100. Now most of these pills are available all over the place in a much smaller dose and more expensive. It was advised a dose of at least 1000 gm (1 gram) per day required to make any difference and there’s too many pages of medical terminologies to list.

I ask members to google NAD+, B3, niacinamide and nicotinamide and look forward to comments.

Going out to work now, so don’t expect a reply from me soon.


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Can you keep us updated with how you get on, John? I’m very interested in this



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Hi Jo,

I’m away for a few days on Monday and expect to pick them up from post office when I get back. Most of my symptoms are on my LHS, but my right foot dropped a couple of times this week and desperate to halt MS’s progress.


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Hi John,

Thanks, no problem.

Strange isn’t it, how MS seems to pick on 50% of our bodies? My symptoms are mainly in my legs, right worse than left, but I wouldn’t give much for either of them in a sale.

I’m paranoid about it affecting my hands as well so am also desperate to halt the monster’s progress.


Are you asking or just telling? The history of MS is also the history of alternative treatments that promise the world and deliver zip.

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lnteresting post John. l have had PPMS for 33yrs - and have of course never been prescribed any of the dmd’s - as they are not suitable for PPMS. But l did start - a year ago - on the Biotin for Progressive MS - joined the facebook group. Learnt lots from folk from all over the world. We know how ‘us with MS’ seem to have low levels of vit B levels - and vitD3. B Vits are water-soluble - so you are not at risk of over dosing as you just ‘pee’ out what is not absorbed. The best way to get the vits absorbed into the blood stream is to let them dissolve under the tongue rather then swallow as a pill.

l take Biotin and Thiamine - which l get in powder form - pharma grade and measure out onto rice-paper - just fold it up and stick under my tongue and in seconds it is dissolved. B12 - l get in liquid form 5,000mcg and take that under the tongue. Also, l take Super Stress B Complex - and Niacinamide. lts worth googling all of these supplements and their connection with MS - and fatigue. Vitamin D3 l take 30,000ius daily with magnesium and K2. And l take Turmeric - as it is an anti-inflammatory. With the Vit D3 - l do get my levels tested regularly at CityAssays Lab - B/ham.

l will try most supplements - Taurine is another l take - not always everyday - but it helps with muscles. Magnesium Glycinate and Magnesium L - Threonate help with muscle spasms and pain. So does massaging aching parts with magnesium oil.

Omega 3 l take as Greenshell mussel extract. Although l cannot walk unaided - l do look the picture of health. Biotin certainly makes my hair and skin look good - so hopefully it does not stop there and is doing better things inside - hopefully repairing my myelin.

Well done for ‘thinking out of the box’. Companies like Bulk Supplements and Pure Bulk in US - do sell most vits in powder form - and they are much cheaper then the capsules - AND - do not contain the fillers used in tablets and capsules - that can be dangerous when taken in large amounts.

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The debate around the most effective supplement (mainly NAD, NMN and NR) seems to be based around the amount of research and testing in to each. Which one is best at entering the cells!? I don’t think we have answered this question.

For now, the best approach would be to try them all and see what works best for you.

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