Biotin to the Rescue

Biotin to the Rescue for Progressive MS?/Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

Do look at this link for more info of this latest development. Results are so much better then first thought - and no side-effects or danger to health. Non toxic. Cheap - Big Pharma will not be happy with this one.

lf you look at and join the facebook group Biotin for Progressive MS - you will be able to see how biotin - and thiamine has benefited so many ms’ers. And in so many different ways. Been reports of ‘‘male improvements’’ because of increase in blood flow.

Many have noticed a change in blood flow to their feet and legs. Gone has the purple look - and swollen painful feet. Some who suffered all their lives with psoriasis - have reported that it has cleared up and completely gone. There has been so many small but significant results that were not mentioned in the MedDay trial - which was only 23 people. The facebook group is now over 2,000 - all following the Biotin - but also adding Thiamine and all the other B Vits.Omega 3.Vitd3 - magnesium and zinc. Most also take LDN. So do l.

lnterestingly, is the amount of neuros who are now prescribing or advising their patients to start taking biotin. lt is a cheap supplement - only £120 for nearly a year for biotin - and about £10 for the thiamine. That is buying it from Bulk Supplements US or Pure Bulk US. All pharma grade 100% pure powder.

So many people have noticed changes in their energy and strength within 2 weeks or less of starting. The trial states 9 months.

l intend to give it a year - and see where l am. But after just 6 weeks - and seeing such a difference l can see me taking it for ever.

After 33yrs of PPMS - and being told by neuros, and ms nurse- who has never seen me but still remarked, that as l am PPMS - she can not offer any help.

So left alone - l have to do all l can to keep myself going - we only have one chance at this life - so make the most of it. l do not take any med that is toxic or dangerous to my health. l do not take any med that is designed for epilepsy/bi-polar/parkinsons/HIV

  • which nearly all the meds that are on offer are.

totally agree, we have to help ourselves, ive had benefits after only 2 weeks

I’m one of these people who have had my chronic psoriasis completely disappear after taking Biotin. The MS symptoms are still the same but I’ve only been taking it for 10 weeks. In the trials some people didn’t notice any improvement for up to a year.

I take 300mg of Thiamine as well daily, I think it can only help us as there’s nothing else. I tried LDN about 12 years ago, I took it for a year but stopped when it didn’t help me at all and made me feel sick.

As research network member with PPMS, I despair at the lack of research. A trial of 23 people is a joke.

I completely agree with the sentiments expressed so well by Spacejacket.

i have been on Biotin with the complementary B vits & omegas for a month. After 2 weeks I started to have more energy. Today, my neuro physio was so pleased with my dramatic improvements, I have been signed off for now. (Clearly I’ll keep up with the special exercises). I haven’t fallen over for over 2 weeks. Much to the relief of my poor old knees!

i don’t do LDL at the moment. It’s frowned upon by my neurologist- who doesn’t see the point in seeing me anymore. Clearly nothing positive to add. But I do like herbal remedies.

I have been reading about turmeric & the anti-inflammatory properties in one of it’s components; curcumin. Think it could be worth a try.

we could all mope about, feeling sorry for ourselves (and arguably quite justified). Our lives are in our hands. Clearly we are not in a position to hang about in hope, only to have it dashed.

rant over. Going to do some gardening now it’s a little cooler. Good for the body & soul.

I agree too - we can’t wait around for the powers that be to offer us anything. We have to try anything that may work and offer us hope - be it 10% of us or more. Biotin is the most positive PPMS hope we’ve had … so embrace it…

Hi Spacejacket,

I was just wondering how much Biotin you take every day?

Thank you


Hi Oonagh,

l am taking 0.10mg x 3 times a day - as in the trial. Although some people took more. With the thiamine l am taking 0.50 x 2 a day.

Thank you Spacejacket

This article shows Biotin has been on the neuro radar for some time.

I take 10000 mcg which is recommended dose and have fab hair and Nails as for my ppms I started Amantadine for fatigue x

People taking Biotin B7 - for Progressive MS - take 30 times the amount that you are taking. They are using the pure pharma grade powder - because the tablets contain lots of fillers - especially magnesium and calcium. OK for one tablet but multiplied by 30 would be overload. l started with the tablets until l managed to source the pure powder and l did take 10 x 3 a day. And ‘rattled’.