Hi everyone, i hope youre all okay :slight_smile:

Im 24 diagnosed with PPMS and i have major walking difficulties including foot drop. I have heard that biotin can help

with walking difficulties and I would like to start however for you guys who is taking Biotin, does it help foot drop or not?

Because thats my main problem and my walking problem seems to be getting worse rapidly. I could practically run 2 years ago. And does it help the arms and finger stiffness?

Hello Ezz. There are plenty of testimonials to the efficacy of biotin on the forums. Take your time to have a look at them via the search window

You never know until you try.

It’s on my radar.



Try this thread for starters. There is a link to an useful Facebook page on the subject of Biotin and MS.

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I can’t recommend it highly enough…I hope you all can try it…it’s worth every single penny!

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Nina x

I started Biotin after reading posts on this site & researched other UK sites. Some people measure grams - I’m unable to be accurate due to tremors, lack of concentration etc.

Around May, I bought 3 months supply of Biotin tablets from a UK Pharmacy Supplier on the 'net & take 2 tablets three times each day.

Within 3 weeks I noticed lots more energy, great positive moods and fatigue has greatly reduced. In August, I bought 6 months supply & can’t believe the benefits.

Bonus: Hair grows quicker & healthier, nails grow stronger.

I have only just noticed first signs of foot drop has started in last 10 days, so Biotin may have kept it at bay or minimised the effects, or genuinely just progressed within the expectations of PPMS. Sorry I can’t specify benefits of on foot drop yet, but my balance has greatly improved.

I wish you well, would suggest you try 2 months supply after thorough research. Good luck x