Biotin - any success?

i am wondering if anyone can honestly (not wishful thinking!) say that they have benefitted from Biotin? I think that , after four months, my bladder if behaving better. Only getting up to pee once at night instead of three or four times! Unfortunately, no fatigue reduction or mobility benefits yet. I’m very interested to know how others are progressing .


Hi John,

I did answer your question on another thread, when you asked a similar question…I will see if I can find it and copy and paste on to your new thread.


Hi John,

I started on June 24th…my bladder has shown no improvement but my walking has improved…unfortunately my strength hasn’t so although my walking has improved I still can only take a few steps!

One thing that has improved tremendously is restless leg syndrome…I’ve had it almost daily for forty odd years to the point I could happily take an axe to my legs some nights and now I rarely get it…huge relief and for me at a hundred odd pounds a year it’s worth it just for the RLS.

Having said that, I am hoping for some energy sometime soon!


PS I have not started thiamine as yet.

better bladder and stronger legs

Better bladder too.

For anyone who’s not on the FB group - thought you might be interested in this:

Dr. Kantor talking about Biotin and progressive forms of MS

There are more interesting clips when you get there

Jo x

Well, still hoping for something else to improve other than the dramatic bladder improvement.

this sounds silly, but I’ve just been to the hairdressers - same person has been doing my hair for ten years. She commented, without prompting what I had thought. My hair has grown fast & thicker. At the very front I have an inch clump of new hair. Weird. But if you have a thinning issue this could be the answer.

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