biotin and bladder

ive dropped back to biotin 100mg 100% powder twice a day and stopped thiamine, my bladder is holding a huge amount, best its been in last 10 years. this is week 5, week 1 dropped back

Great news Joy!

I started on June 24th as yet have not noticed any improvements …hoping for a reduction in fatigue!

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last night i went to the loo 10pm this morning 9am, 11hours, thats my pre ms days


That is amazing. Now that is an improvement that you can notice straightaway - makes you wonder what else is happening. How long does it take for myelin to regenerate - as this is what is most likely happening.

11hours again last night, its brilliant. lets hope we all can put the brakes on and reverse the damage


Amitriptyline has the same effect for me, since taking it I haven’t once had to get up during the night.

Good news about Biotin though I am checking all the threads about it with interest.

Jan x

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WOW! That’s incredible…at the moment I wake every two hours to go to the loo!

Fingers crossed I get the same reaction!

Nina x

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i started taking thiamine again, bladder not good stopped again and bladder excellent again. i wont use thiamine again.

Thought l should ‘bump’ up your post Joyj- as there are posts on Everyday ~Living about loss of bladder control and l thought this would help a lot of people.

Yup, also think bladder must be improving as I almost never get up at night, and even in the morning, don’t have that sense of panic when I realise how long it’s going to take me to get myself out of bed and into the bathroom. Nine hours is normal.

Thanks Lynda - You must be thrilled to get some control back - and not have to get up in the night for the loo. What a result.

Thought l would bump up this thread as more people get interested in the benefits of biotin.

Not yet noticed any bladder or circulation improvements but I’m sure my walking is improving…not sure if it’s LDN or biotin but either way I’m very happy about it!

Nina x

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Thought l would ‘bump’ up your post as more people are interested in Biotin and bladder issues.

I have had Ms for 10years . I have read the good results about biotin. Can you tell me where you bought the biotin powder from.


There is a very good group on facebook - Biotin for Progressive MS. lts worth joining - interesting lot - worldwide.

Now l bought my pure biotin from Bulk Supplements US. Just google them. l bought 100g- and it cost me £120 with shipping. This is enough for 333days. l take 100mg x 3 times daily. You will need some micro-scales - which you can buy from Bulk Supplements or from amazon. Smart Weigh is the one l have. lt is such a tiny amount that you really do need to weigh properly - not guess.

l use edible rice paper - tear off a small square and place on the scale - then switch on the scale and weigh the powder on it - then you just fold it up into a little parcel and place in the mouth where it just dissolves straightaway.

l have felt stronger on my legs since taking it - about 5 months now. Research has shown that it takes about 9months for re-myelination. Apart from improvements in peoples bladder control - the biotin has helped with ON.

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I am definitely going to probe my neurologist about biotin when I see him next (December).

i tend to take all the ‘wonder drug’ stuff with a pinch of salt, but this does seem to be gaining some critical mass. Thanks for keeping it in the forefront, Spacejacket.

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Kev, I don’t know how well you get along with your GP but I found my GP was more helpful than my neurologist.

My GP actively encouraged me…and another patient with progressive to try Biotin.

Nina x

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i’ll certainly ask my GP. I get on very well with her.