Anyone take biotin?


Just wondering if anyone takes the supplement biotin? Not sure if I’m being paranoid but feel like my hair is thinner since starting tecfidera which I’ve read can happen. It’s nothing major and I could just be overthinking/imagining it, but I came across biotin when reading about it and was just interested to know if anyone take it and if you’d recommend it if you do? It seems to be good for MS in general, but on the other hand don’t want to take something just for the sake of it.

Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts/experiences,

TIA Charlotte xx

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I have been taking pharmaceutical grade biotin (as per the trial) for about five years and rewarded with a significantly calmer bladder. However, the trial failed to meet its objectives, so that was the end of it.

The supplements for hair and nails are much lower amounts/purity than that used in the trial and no use for MS.

High Dose Biotin another one bites the dust in progressive MS – Multiple Sclerosis Research Blog (

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There is a German shampoo that makes hair appear thicker.

We have to wash it with something so I have no qualms buying one for thicker hair.

Plantur 39 I think.

Thank you both. Article was interesting…seems like it wouldn’t have an effect on ms then even if it did help hair.

I had been thinking of trying a new shampoo first, can’t hurt to that a go. Thanks for the recommendation

the mind boggles!

Whammel says biotin calms the bladder.

I would try anything for a calmer bladder but as my mind was on shampoo my reaction was “how do I wash my bladder” “should I use conditioner?” “Towel dry or blow dry?”

sorry for flippancy!laugh

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Yes I am