Just taken delivery of my first order of BIOTIN, I only ordered it on Friday but I did pay for priority delivery, so three days from America, it came by fed ex not royal mail, I’m waiting on my scales being delivered today too got email this morning to say they are out on delivery, I’m so excited to start it I’m willing the postman to deliver here today, normally I don’t like getting mail as it’s normally someone wanting money off me.

Hello Cariad65,

I started taking it in April and there have been some small improvements but not to my mobility, as of yet anyway. There are a number of us who use the Forum that are taking it. There are lots of threads on the subject in the system for you to search, if you wish.

Are you starting straightaway with 300mgs, or building up to it?

I hope your scales arrive soon and do let us all know about your progress.

Best wishes


Congratulations… I bought my first batch of Biotin earlier this year. I take 1 tablet x 3 times daily. It’s given me remarkable improvements to my physical and mental health. Even friends ask what is different, you seem much brighter.

PPMS still progresses every now and again. But I believe Biotin is helping and possibly slowing it down.

Good luck Cariad

your hair will grow thick and lustrous!

mine has been falling out since i started tecfidera.

i told my ms nurse and she said i should try biotin (not at the levels you are taking for ms)

carole x

What exactly is ‘Biotin’ please? I couldn’t find any info on the site right now, probably due to them updating it or something… Is it a new DMD?


Anna x

Biotin are vitamin B tablets , they are supposed to help with making your hair thicker.

You can get them from Holland and Barrett 1000mg x 100 for £15.99 .

They are reckoned to be able to help with some syptoms in ms , ive never tried them myself so couldnt say.


Try these two links for information about Biotin, also known as MD1003, for starters.

Best wishes