Biotin MD1003 (Cerenday)

Hello all, I haven’t been around much this past year, I hope you are all as well as can be

On my yearly visit to my MS Nurse we discussed Biotin, she has sent me details and it recommends three capsules daily. It’s a waste of time asking my GP to prescribe as I’m sure if she could she probably wouldn’t. Do any of you know if/where I can buy it or if it’s worth getting a private prescription, I know nothing about private prescription so unsure if this would financially be a non starter.

I seem to remember a thread about buying it in powder form and special weighing scales to get the dose right. The info I got from my Nurse does say capsules and this would be so much easier.

Thanks for reading, stay strong.

Jan x

Loads of info here.

Thank you

Cerenday MD1003 which is high strenght Biotin is not approved in the U.K. which is the most backward MS health service in Europe it is however available in France, I believe without prescription. I am just taking 6mg of ordinary vit suppliments rather than 32mg of cerenday. At least I’ve got strong nails and a little hope. NICE will hold up ocrevus as well.

Hello - I hope you’re all well and ready for Christmas (like I never am!) I’ve recently had a review with my Neuro, and we had good discussion about me going on a formal Biotin (Cerenday) trial through Addenbrooke’s. At the moment I’m waiting to hear back from Addenbrooke’s to see if I make their shortlist. I also had a blood test recently, and asked Doc about private prescription possibility for Biotin - result would be that he could do prescription but the tablet dosage size even they can get in this country is very small meaning to meet the trial dosage size needed would require taking 60 tablets a day without a foreign ordering source for larger dosage tablets.

So sorry you can’t get it on prescription, the low dosage, I’m told, won’t help MS at all. I take 300 mg a day and I can’t recommend it highly enough!