More good results from Biotin Trial for Progressive MS

More good results - especially for people suffering with ON - Optical Neuritis and other eye problems connected to MS. Also, many benefits for poor blood circulation and bladder problems.

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Link doesn’t work!!

Would it be possible to please post the full address as ordinary text, so that those of us who are interested could simply copy & paste into the browser address bar ?!

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Dom, Sorry it did not work - it did when l first looked at it - so try this- google

EMAXHEALTH.COM Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Responds to Biotin - lt has just worked for me.

I’ve been taking one of these a day

but sounds like I need to be taking.30 a day!

Or have I got my 10,000 micrograms to 10 milligrams wrong and that should be 3 a day?

Please don’t take 30 a day of the over the counter ones - apart from the expense - they are not pure - they contain fillers. Which is ok if you are taking one 10.000mcg but not 30x 10.000mcg. lf you follow the facebook group Biotin for Progressive MS - you can read how to get the pure powder. Mine worked out [from Bulk Supplements US] at £120 for 333days worth.

So do check the fillers - most have magnesium stearate and calcium. Which we all need but not in those amounts.

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Try this link to “more good results from Biotin trial for Progressive MS”



Dom - This is a great help - thanks for sorting it out for me.

Do you have a link for the powder, as a closed group I can’t get access.

The pure pharmaceutical powdered biotin can be purchased from Bulk Supplements US or Pure Bulk US - l got mine from Bulk Supplements.

You will need a small micro scale - l got mine from amazon - Smart Weigh - although l think you can get one from Bulk S.

l use a small piece of rice paper to weigh mine on. Then pop the paper and powder straight into my mouth and it dissolves instantly.

lt is such a small amount - you really need the scales.

So pleased to see that more people are having such good results - especially with bladder control.

I bought empty capsules and a kind of rack from Bulk Supplements. My wife has filled about 100 capsules so far. Took her about an hour -(5 minutes per day for 10).

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I just pop it straight into my mouth from the little dish on the scales…simples!

Nina x


Just bought 100g off Bulk Supplements.

Now need a microscale and one of those teeny spoons you used in science class.

Oh and if it’s any help to anybody, if you type the word ‘creatine’ into the voucher area whilst ordering from Bulk Supplements it applies a 7% discount.


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Well done Steve - the micro scales are simple to use. Got mine from Amazon. Use one of those little wooden ‘stirrers’ that you get with a take-out coffee.[thinking Waitrose’s or Costas] to lift it out of the pot. And then put it onto rice paper to weigh.

Hello all, I’m also not on Facebook etc so just checking…do you take 0.1g 2 or 3 tlmesa day?

Thanks, ignoramus slug xx

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Hi Slug,

I take 0.1g three times a day.


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Thanks nina, was getting all confused with mg and mcg etc, just needed to check my maths. Hope your still finding it useful-don’t think anyone has mentioned any side effects with these quants so gonna give it a go…

hope all well with you xx

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Hi Slug,

I spoke to my GP before I started it and he was all for it…says there are no side effects, I’m not sure that I entirely believe that but it certainly gave me more confidence!

I got muddled with the quantities too…really doesn’t take much to muddle me these days…but it’s fine once you get into the routine…I can highly recommend the little smart weigh scales from Amazon.

Good luck with it…I’d be very interested to know how you get on with it. Take care.

Nina x