Biotin dosage ?

Morning all.

I have not used this forum board before, usually Everyday Living.

I have SPMS.

I am trying Biotin and at the moment am using 500 yp (whatever that means).

So are these taablets potent enough.

Any recommendations welcome.



Ronin, To follow the trial that was done by MedDay - you need to take 100mg x 3 times a day. This is with the pure pharmaceutical grade powder biotin. The over the counter - OTC -capsules contain only a small amount of biotin and lots of fillers.

l bought my biotin from Bulk Supplements US. lt cost me £120 - including the shipping for 100grams. This is enough for the high dose for 333days. So not a bad price considering. l also bought some Smart Weigh scales to weigh it on as it is such a small amount to take. l use a piece of rice paper placed onto the scale first - then switch it on and place a small amount onto it - its about half the size of a pea. Some people put the whole days dose 300mg into a small bottle of water and keep sipping at it during the day. Which does seem a good idea - and means you can carry it out with you.

Glad you are up for trying it - and l do hope it will soon start helping you. Such a lot of good comments on it for bladder control. Look for some previous comments on this PPMS site.

l am not sure what 500yp means either. l know when l first heard about biotin - l bought several bottles of the OTC biotin - 10,000mcg and needed to take 30 to get the right amount. But as they contain so many fillers - you find you are taking too much calcium and magnesium. Although, l did find some brands that had more harmless fillers - What make are your tablets - l can look them up - and also l will find out others as well. lts worth taking a good B Complex along with the biotin. l use Swansons Super Stress B Complex. And l take a high dose B12 as well as Vit D3.

The first OTC biotin l used was lnnopure - then l bought Natrol. But to get the pure powder is the best way - and it only takes about 5 days for it to arrive. l bought my scales from amazon. They are a sort of jewellers scale - that l weigh ‘‘my stash’’ on!! Bulk Supplements might also sell the scales.

Biotin will also lower blood sugars - so really suitable for anyone diabetic - as long as they monitor their blood sugar.

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Thanks for the info.

Ordered my first lot from Bulk Supplements.

See how it goes.


Good luck with it Graham!

You will need the little smart scales from Amazon.

Let us know how you get on.