BIOTIN How much daily dose for PPMS?

Hi, I’ve taken Biotin for a while and found the first batch of 3 per day really effective.Much improved mood and energy (most of the time).

But I forgot the name of it & bought another make. Alas, not quite as effective as the first lot.

I recently bought Nu one a day Biotin tablets, each containing a normal daily dose of 10,000 ug (imagine the u has a I shape under the left side of the u). I have no idea what this measurement is, or what it equates to. 1 daily doesn’t quite have the brilliant effects I experienced with the first batch (name of which I’ve forgotten).

Can anyone she’d any light on the measurement & how many I should take to gain maximum benefit?I

Many thanks. Chrissie x

Hi Chrissie,

A μg is a microgram. A μ is the Greek letter “Mu”

A microgram is 1 millionth of a gram.

The dose of 10,000 μg is a 100th of a gram, or 1 milligram.

But I have no idea how much you should take.


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Hello, Having SPMS I also take Biotin, and the (Neuro) recommended dose is a total 3x100mg over the length of the day. The objective of taking the 100mg dose 3 times throughout the day is to keep near a consistent 100mg level over the period. Taking 300mg in one go WILL NOT WORK as the body loses some dosage every time we take a pee (hence the 3x100 mg throughout the day).

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Hi Chrissie there is a Face book page Biotin for progressive MS which is quite useful. Sue x

Thanks A.D & KPG. This calculation of mine must be incorrect.

10,000 microgram equates to 1mg. To take 300mg over the course of 24 hrs is 300 of the 10,000ug tablets. Though I recall someone did suggest trebling the “normal supplement dose”.

Thanks Sue84 for FB info. Unfortunately, I closed my fb account a couple of years ago.

Anymore help of advice anyone?

Chrissie x


I would suggest that you obtain Pharma grade pure Biotin powder and either a measuring spoon or scales. Either will ensure that you are able to measure your 100mg dose accurately and avoid taking lots of tablets, full of fillers, to make up the dose.

Biotin powder is cheap from US companies such as PureBulk but you are very likely to be charged tax when it reaches the UK; although their prices are low and still competitive even with the tax.

One user has sourced an UK supplier,, but I have yet to contact them as I still have plenty of powder in stock. May be worth making contact but you will not find Biotin advertised on their website.


Hi Chrissie have you looked at the research section on this site? I do not know where you live but I do know that hospitals in London are recruiting for a trial for MD1003 (Biotin). I have discussed this and the cladribine trial with my neurologist and I would happily take part in either but I am waiting for the results of a MRI before a decision is made. If the hospital cannot help I will buy biotin online to see if there is any benefit, although I understand that it can take up to nine months before any improvement is noticed. Sue

Thanks Alun & Sue84. I live in the Staffordshire Moorlands (remote, cold & lots of Easter snow). Fortunately I use North Staffs hospital with fab Neurology Dept & staff.

I couldn’t travel to London for Biotin trials, I like the simplicity of a tablet but accept Aluns view of added fillers. Might try the pure powder. Thanks for all of the above, very helpful, suggestions.

Any more hints & tips welcome.

Chrissie x

Alum, I’ve just contacted Blackburndistributions and they say that they don’t sell it. :frowning:

Tippy x

They are conducting biotin trials at Salford Royal Hospital in Manchester, I always purchase my 100% biotin from Bulk Supplements in America, keep you eyes open regular discounts on there site.

Here are the trial details. Effect of MD1003 in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPI2) - Full Text View -

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