Need inspiration

I am about to enter my depressing time of the year: the appointment with the Neurologist. However I am interested in the disparity of treatments available around the country.

Is there anything izzy whizzy I should be asking about for PPMS? I am on nothing so far (except solifenacin)I was dx 2009 and I feel there should be something to repair/ slow down MS by now surely? They seem to be happy to manage the decline rather than take a more pro active approach. Bit sick of being told to be patient. Rant rant

Not sure your Neuro will agree, but I find the unapproved ldn to be a great help. Take a look at and see if you think it might help.


Yes Whammel is right LDN is the first med l would take.

And now there is Biotin for Progressive MS - look it up. Many people have gone ahead and are taking it - a facebook group has been formed and members from all over the world have joined. Neuros are not too happy as everyone has started taking it without the usual waiting for the nod.

And the Big Pharma - the pharmacuetical companies will be pig sick as it is a fairly cheap supplement and also non-toxic water soluble. So they cannot market it or patent it.

Several people have posted that they already have noticed benefits after only 4 weeks.

Hi Whammel, Thanks very much for this. I didn’t see it till today so missed talking to the Neuro about it, but she is approachable so I couls write to her about it. She did mention biotin ££££. I thought messages were sent to my inbox and everyone had ignored me d’oh me. Thanks for this and I will investigate x

Hi spacejacket, I hadn’t heard of biotin, but the neuro mentioned it and gave me some research. The quantities taken are huge and I am wondering how to afford it. I will look up the FB page and take some quantity I can afford. Thanks for the inspiration I appreciate it .x

Hi Ladymoth,

Please do read the threads about biotin before investing - could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Jo x