Biotin now available in UK

Hi guys, hope you’re all doing ok?

Just saw this on the Facebook page ‘Biotin for Progressive MS’:

Biotin 100mg tablets now available to purchase in U.K. from
Each pack 90 tablets. £37.50 incl. vat and P&P

Great news as of course you won’t get hit by customs duty!

I’m doing really well. Walking is very good now my legs have got stronger. I still get days of fatigue but I can usually recover by next day. Sorted out a lot of problems for my new brother who has Autism (adopted him as my brother as he has NO family at all and poor bloke had got into a right mess with bills and benefits etc).

I highly recommend giving Biotin a go. Some people get spasticity with it but most people see some improvement and some have significant improvement. I can’t believe that I don’t even use my mobility scooter any more.

If you are interested in Biotin it’s worth joining the Facebook group (above). Lots of info on there.

Love to all and God bless,

Pat xxx


It’s lovely to hear from you Pat , I’m so pleased that you are feeling better . It’s amazing that you are managing without your scooter, brilliant news very inspiring. So lovely to hear about your new brother. Take care Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hello Pat. it looks like you’re becoming a fairly amazing person. You probably were in the first place but your inspiration has gone into turbo mode. Looks like it’s time to give it a try. Is it just a case of enquiring through the email? Best wishes, Steve x


Lovely to hear your good news Pat, so pleased for you and long may it last.

Pam x


thanks for this Pat i ordered two months supply from New Zealand is it the powder form or capsiles



ignore me didnt read it properly



I am very pleased that Biotin has had such a miraculous effect on you.

I have been taking 300 mgs daily since April this year. I take Pharma grade powder and use a measuring spoon.

Although my mobility has yet to improve, certainly the progress of my PPMS appears to be slowing down. I do appreciate that experts suggest that it takes about a year to feel any true benefits. Was that your experience? Oddly my bladder control has improved since taking Biotin; I can measure this as my nightly tramps to the loo have been reduced from four visits to two. A small thing in itself maybe, but the knock on effects have been behaviour changing. My sleep pattern has improved and that means I am more alert during the day.

Thanks for the new source of Biotin; the last 50 grams I purchased from PureBulk and I was clobbered for tax. A fellow sufferer, Horsemad, has found the following UK source for the powder form:

£130 per 100 gram incl VAT and postage

Paul Mather

Key Account Executive

Tel: 01282 613364

If you take into account the taxes incurred by sourcing outside the UK, this is a competitive price. I have not been in touch myself as I have months of supply still to use up. By the way, it is not shown on their website yet.

I also take CBD paste every day and I am convinced that this, combined with Biotin and a high dose (5000iu) of Vitamin D3 is effective.

I hope it continues to work its magic on you.

Best wishes



How do people afford Biotin ? It`s so expensive.

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It’s much cheaper than other drugs…for the 100% powder from America it’s about £130 for a years supply plus tax if you’re unlucky…I’ve had it both with and without tax.

Maths is no longer a strong point for me, in fact I have trouble just counting!! However my trusty calculator tells me that it’s around £2.50 a week and for the results it’s worth every penny.

Not everyone is going to do as well as Pat ( snow leopard )but it’s certainly worth a try. I had to stop taking it for six months, because of all the blood tests I needed, whilst I was being treated for lung cancer. So my improvements have been rather erratic. There are however so many little things that improved before I stopped…I can’t wait to have been back on it for nine months…my ambition is to turn into Pat!

Nina x

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According to the Pure Bulk site they are charging $272 for 100 grams, so this looks like a pretty good deal. Not that it’s done me any good after two years, but no harm either and will persevere. Thanks for the tip.


What price do you put on being able to walk for as long as possible? It’s a pound a day! Most people spend more on their mobile phone contracts.


A pound a day you say. Well like I said, it`s expensive. Based on your figures, £365 a year !!!

Hi Alun, what is CBD paste ? Thanks x

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Gosh Pat, that is great news. How long have you been taking the biotin ?

Moyna x


CBD is a cannabis based product that is perfectly legal.

The cannabis plant contains two main components. THC which is the element that is psychoactive and makes you high. The other element is CBD or cannabidiol. This has many potential medical benefits, especially for pain control and general wellbeing.

It has helped me a lot with neuropathic pain, sleep and bladder control. 5mgs lasts about four weeks @ three doses a day. A dose is a squeeze from the tube of about the length of a grain of long grain rice. You can take more and you cannot overdose.

There are many sellers but I would recommend you look at the CBD Brothers website.

If you have any other questions please ask.

Best wishes


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Can I ask has anybodies system got worse before they seen an improvement