Taking Biotin

Hi Folks!

I’m everso sorry to be asking, as I know this has been covered before, but I have just received the pure biotin powder from Bulk Supplements US and - before I start taking this - I’m afraid I need reminding as to whether it’s better to take it on a full or empty stomach (…or does this matter at all) ?

Many thanks for your help and patience !!


hi, i dont think it matters, i do both

Hi Dom,

Like Joy, I don’t think it matters,I take mine at the same time each day regardless of food.

Spacejacket is the expert so hopefully she will notice your post…

Good luck with it, I’m definitely seeing benefits…as yet nothing regarding fatigue, sadly, but I did only start in June.


Evening all, I too have ordered some biotin, gonna give it a go when it arrives. Just curious, paid all requested p&p, but have now got a customs fee to pay, just thought this would have been included with p&p as USA to uk? Anyone else?

Slug - You were just unlucky with the customs fees - its the run of the drawer l am afraid.

l don’t think it matters if you take it with food or not. l do both.

Make sure you get the scales to weigh it on - as it is such a small amount.

Hi Spacejacket - hope you’re keeping as well as possible ?

Yep - as recommended, I did indeed buy some “smart weigh” micro scales from Amazon to use with this powder.

I just wanted to add that my order has very recently been delivered by FedEx (courier) and there was no separate customs charge (…mind you, the courier charged over $50 for shipping - so maybe that fee covered customs?)

Hoping for an improvement of some sort over the coming months ?! (…will be more than happy to share experiences/results in due course.)

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to advise on “full or empty stomach”. I imagine I’ll just be aiming for consistent timings and not too concerned about whether they coincide with meals !!

Thanks again, Folks !


Fair enough, thank you all for advice etc. yes got some scales, although not tried them yet…

im erring on side of not too ambitious, but any boost would be good, try it for a couple of months and then see.

cautious, slow, realistic, but ever hopeful Slug xx

l bought enough Biotin to last for nearly a year - well 333 days - 100grams. Decided to give it a year - l think that would be a reasonable time to see, if in fact, it did actually help with re-myelination. lt will take a long time - l feel - for hopefully long term benefits. Nothing happens overnight. l do feel stronger on my legs - and seem to have more energy to do jobs l had given up on tackling. Feet and hands are now always warm. Whereas l did suffer with Raynaurds - fingers frozen most of the time. Blood circulation improvements is one of the benefits reported with biotin. And lots of people have found their eye-sight - ON - greatly improved. And bladder/bowels behaving better.

Morning morning. Spacejacket how long did you take it for before you noticed anything? I appreciate what you say about long term etc, but I’m a doubting Thomas on the re-myelanation thing, I’m just hoping for less fatigue and maybe improved bladder.

first one down and here goes…

l noticed - within a couple of weeks that l was ‘standing stronger’ - and many have reported having benefits with bladder etc fairly quickly. Although, the MedDay trial states 3 to 9 months. But they were testing the EDSS score - and that is how they measured the results. But so many people have had benefits that would not effect the EDSS score.

As we are all so different with the way our MS effects our lives . l do not think anyone - without MS can understand.

Thank you xx