Hi I would like to start taking Biotin but I am unsure which company to order from. Can anyone recommend a reliable company please. I want to take it in capsule form but I need to be sure the biotin is pure and not containing fillers. I have looked at the Facebook page ‘Biotin for progressive MS’ but I am still unsure which way to go! Thank you.


I have found a UK company that supplies capsules so I have now placed an order! I had hoped to be included in a Biotin trial but my mri results took so long to come through that the trial closed. I have been referred to a London hospital to see if they will accept me for the cladribine trial. Sue

I ordered my last ones via the uk company and they seem fine and of course no duty!

I’m not doing as well as Pat on them but they apparently affect us all differently and I do have other things such as emphysema which has some similarities in terms of weakness and fatigue but I also have quite a list of symptoms that have either improved considerably or in some cases it gone all together.

I am just coming up to nine months without a break, previously I’d had to stop it twice for some time, I began to think I’d never get to the ninth month!

Nina x

Hi Nina,

I am glad you have had some benefit from biotin. I feel I have nothing to loose as I have had quite a fast progression and new lesions are still appearing. The only time I will need to stop biotin is if my thyroid levels need checking as I believe biotin gives a false reading.

I hope to receive my capsules tomorrow and I will report back after a few months as I know it is not a quick fix!

Sue x

Hi Sue,

would you kindly message me details of where you bought them please.


Sonia x