Over the counter Boitin

I’ve only just come across info about Boitin on Google and it sounds very interesting.

So just a couple of questions.

  1. can it be bought over the counter

  2. If so, what sort of strengths/ doses are best for MS.

  3. Anyone here getting good results ?

Thanks in advance

I have been reading about biotin, too…

I remember two things:

  1. Eating too many raw egg whites (yuck…!!!) may decrease its effectiveness.

  2. You may not have a biotin deficiency, but rather may lack the enzyme, Biotinidase, that is required to utilise it.

Lots more information on Wikipedia, Biotin - Wikipedia


my ms nurse told me that tecfidera wasn’t responsible for my hair loss but suggested biotin to help it grow back.

there is a brand called perfectil sold at boots.

they have one for hair, one for skin and one for nails.

i also bought alpecin shampoo which helped.

my has stopped falling out!

mind you it cost a fortune.

Looking on the net the highest dose you can buy over the counter doesnt come near the 300mg that has been used with positive results regarding MS. I’m more interested in trying it for the MS symptoms rather than a hair product.

You need pharmaceutical grade biotin and definitely not over the counter stuff, as you will be taking 30 pills per day and rather a lot of filler. The facebook group probably has all the information you need. Biotin for Progressive MS | Facebook MD1003 (biotin) | MS Trust

Thanks whammel. I’m guessing it needs to be bought from overseas ? And where do we find out what dosage to try ?

Most people seem to buy the powder form from America, although it is possible to buy capsules in Europe, but they are more expensive. The files in the facebook group should have up to date details. I think the trial dose was 100mg x 3 per day. There were a couple of people on the PPMS board that reported getting good results and might be worth doing a search. Effect of MD1003 in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPI2) - Full Text View - ClinicalTrials.gov