R&R MS & Biotin

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A quick question, I have just seen my consultant (routine app) and he has strongly suggested that I should start taking Biotin 1000mcg.

After having a look on the Internet, Biotin appears to be more relevant for people who have secondary or progressive MS.

I would appreciate it if anyone who has R&R MS and uses Biotin, could let me know how & if it does anything for you.

All comments gratefully received.


Hi Blaze. Sorry if this isn’t the response you hoped for! At the moment there has not been enough research done in proving whether Biotin actually has any affect on MS or other illnesses. Usually you can get enough Biotin from a balanced diet. The recommended intake is usually 30mcg, because if you are taking it in via your diet, any excess will be excreted via your urine. Our bodies do not store it, it’s water soluble. I know you are probably screaming at this & saying the consultant said to try it, but you need to remember consultants are excellent in their chosen fields, they specialise in that particular area, that is not to say they are experts in nutrition or other fields. I am not a neurologist, so I can not give advice on how it all works even though I have MS, I am however a dietitian, I can give guidelines on my specialist subject. If your diet is rich in healthy food groups, ie nuts, milk, eggs etc, you shouldn’t need supplements. It is as yet, not proven to aid in miracle hair growth either! Tracey xx

You might get a better response from the facebook group, although it is generally for progressive types.

Hi Blaze, my neurologist recommended that I try Biotin. I started taking 100 mg capsules x 3 daily about six weeks ago. The first thing I noticed after just a few days was an improvement in bladder urgency. Any major improvement apparently takes at least nine months. There is a Facebook page ‘Biotin for ppms’ but people with relapsing ms also seem to be trying it and there is useful information on this site.

I do not have relapsing remitting MS but a progressive form but hopefully some one will be able to advise you. However as everyone’s body reacts differently to medication I guess the only way you will find out is by trying it! I buy my capsules from a UK company.

Sue x.

Apparently Biotin is brilliant for hair and nails. Sadly, my hair already grows quite fast enough to be bothered with it. And I have enough trouble keeping my nails cut without extra growth.

Tracey, the link didn’t work, see if this one does: