Biotin ??

Hi everyone,

I’ve not posted for a while but am just very curious about a treatment for PPMS,

I saw my neurologist this morning who told me about a possible ‘help’ for this condition as in Biotin. Vitamin B7 ? He also said in the same breath that unfortunately he could not prescribe it at the moment due to clinical trials still being undergoing ? Anyone else heard of this ? I would really appreciate any more information .

Thanks in advance …

Libbie x

The below link should help answer a few questions.

Thank you Whamm, bed time reading tonight ,

Libbie x

Dr Witt fruit drink is packed with Biotin.

  • Folic Acid
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin B12, B6, E, C
  • Niacin
  • Zinc
  • Biotin

It tastes amazing & can be found in some supermarkets.

Just having my steamed Salmon dinner, with Spinach, Roast New Potatoes, Mature Cheese, Pickles, Tomatoes & grated Beetroot. They say eating healthy is the cure for MS & I’m having fun experimenting. Nothing ventured.

Pop Biotin into the search and it comes up with quite a few threads. Also,the files on the facebook page are useful.

Dr Witt is a Premium Multivitamin drink for the metabolism found in Tesco supermarkets. Cost £1.49 per litre bottle.

Sharing things that work for me. It’s your choice folks. Take it easy out there.