Biotin to the Rescue

Biotin to the Rescue for Progressive MS?/Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

Do look at this link - so many people have already had such good results with this. Apart from re-myelination - the other benefits seen are increased strength/energy/blood circulation/ bowel and bladder control improvements. No progression.

Remyelination effects would benefit all and not just those with PP / SP correct?

Paolo, That is why l put it on the Everyday Living page as well as PPMS - as l cannot see why this treatment should not benefit all.

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Someones got shares in Biotin


Hi space jacket,

i want to try this - I am RRMS but ā€˜on the cuspā€™ of SPMS! On tecfidera but my left leg is still getting worse and my bowels are very bad at the minute (but this could be the tec). Could you repost the link or tell me where to buy and how much I need to take. I tried LDN but I could not sleep even if I took it in the morning x

thank you for your help and I hope it keeps on working

stacey x x

It hasnā€™t done anything for me so far - only been on it for about six weeks. Thereā€™s a long thread about biotin here

ā€‹You can buy it from Bulk Supplements US (unless theyā€™re still short on stocks because of all the publicity itā€™s had on here).

Best to join the facebook group - smashing people from all over the world. And as you can guess - other things regarding MS gets talked about as well as the Biotin. The group is called Biotin for Progressive MS. Click onto the files section for all the advice.

Many of them have mentioned that the blood flow to their feet/legs has improved a lot. But also several of the men have noticed other benefits of increase in blood flow.

l have warm hands for the first time in 33yrs. More energy and strength. And l am also taking thiamine as well as biotin - both B vits - Biotin is B7 - Thiamine is B1.

Lots to look at and read to discover for yourselves on the facebook group. Many from here are on it.

Thank you - I will take a look!