Biotin treatment for MS?

I have read a great deal about “Biotin treatment for MS” therefore decided to look into this in more detail before I make any decisions as to whether it would be something I would take… Read more

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Hi Deborah,

Great blog as always and a big thank you for all the links!

I am taking biotin and read up about it before I started but you posted a couple of links that I hadn’t read.

I did check with my GP before I started and he was very keen for me to try it…he said there wouldn’t be side effects, although I don’t know how he knew that! He also contacted another progressive patient to encourage them to try it too…he’s a wonderful GP.

So far I’ve had a vast improvement in my walking. Restless leg syndrome which I had really badly…to the point I could have happily taken an axe to my legs…has stopped. That alone is enough for me to continue! At the moment I take just 200 rather than the 300 recommended. Sadly as yet I’ve had no improvement in fatigue or weakness but I only started in June so I am ever hopeful!

Take care and thanks again for the info,

Nina X

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l have been taking Biotin since April. Have much more energy and strength. l also take B Complex/B12/Thiamine/Niacinamide and high dose vitd3 /vitk2/magnesium. Doing well on it all. The only prescription drug l take is Sativex.

Well Done for getting sativex Frances!

Nina x

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Great blog AL as per usual. I’m also waiting to see how others do! I had a bad reaction to both LDN and magnesium so it’s made me very wary.

Tweeted it.

Pat xx

AL has the Biotin blog been removed?

I read it in email the other day and just went to tweet it and can’t find it.

Pat xx

I read a lot, and consulted spacejacket a lot, and asked my MS nurse (and another Neuro nurse who does a lot of MS patients) and went ahead and did it. My results are on:


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Likewise Geoff - l have noticed small - but significant changes. Movement in toes that l did not have before. Also l can lift my ‘dragging foot’ for a while. But as Geoff has said in his blog - it works a few times then tires. lt is exciting to know that there is still life there - but not as we know it.

l was assessed for a FES - a couple of years ago - and failed miserably. After taking Biotin - l soon realised that there was a reaction in my foot/ankle/knee. So l did go for another assessment for a FES - and ‘voila’ - lt worked. So now l can use the FES in exercise mode to keep those muscles/nerves remembering what they should be doing. l have far more energy now - and keep busy - which does tire me - but in a good way.

The last week - l have experimented with taking a higher dose of Biotin. 2 lots of 100mg - morning and afternoon - followed by 300mg taken at bedtime. Certainly, no side-effects. And l do feel stronger in my legs. The original trial was done on varying doses- and the 300mg was taken as a ‘average’.

l rarely see the doctor - and have never had a MS Nurse -[in 33yrs]. So l am doing this on my own - with help from the Biotin for Progressive MS group. When l want my vitd3 levels checked l do it through CityAssaysLab /b/ham. As l do take a high dose vitd3 - along with vitk2 and magnesium malate. And all the Bvits. Omega 3. Melatonin.

The only time l have ever felt worsening symptoms is when l have tried prescription drugs. So l shall stick with the ‘natural way’ - which includes my herbal ‘Sativex’.

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I’ve been taking 300mg of Biotin every day for the last 2 months.

Sadly, my drop-foot, dizziness, balance and nightly bathroom visits have not improved in the slightest as a result.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that - once again - here is another ‘treatment’ that simply does nothing to help me. As everything I’ve tried has consistently not worked for me when others have suggested good results - I am hereby giving up and have stopped hoping that something may help me, as - in my personal experience - nothing ever does (…just one of those ‘lucky’ people, I guess!!)


Dom - Do give it a chance - the trial was 9 months for results. l am determined to try it for a year.

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…But you’re reporting positive improvements after how long ?? Great news for you and I sincerely hope it continues to make a positive difference for you.

After 2 months I haven’t been lucky enough to experience any positives at all …not even tiny improvements. So, no incentive to carry on with this. Isn’t 2 months long enough to see even tiny improvements?

Nah …I’m fed up with trying all sorts of drugs/medications for months on end over the years, without reaping any benefits whatsoever.

I’ve finally come to accept that the way forward for me is elsewhere!!


Had ms nurse appointment this week. Delighted to report that after a month of 300mg of the proper stuff has had a very positive effect o my bladder & I don’t walk like a duck anymore. She will be sharing amongst patients. Bought 11 months supply, so will def carry on. Also thinking about upping the dose, as 300mg was the min dose on the trial. At a few quid a month, certainly worth it.

l started back in April - so 7 months about.


I started taking it in June and if I remember correctly it was at least three months before I noticed any improvements.

I do hope you will continue with it for at least a year before you decide to stop…if you’re not getting any adverse effects, it’s surely worth a try.