Evening Primrose Oil

I’ve just joined this forum. 54 year old Male and diagnosed with MS thirty years ago (yikes!). I have been very lucky with my MS progression and fatigue has been my main issue. I used to be very good about my diet and regimen when I was first diagnosed, but have lapsed somewhat. Now I’m getting some symptoms that I’ve not have before and am worried I really need to do something. These includes a feeling of burning in my knees, lower legs and feet and also an exacerbation of tinnitus (I’ve had this mildly for a long time). I have just made an appointment to see my GP.

One of the things I used to take after reading Judy Graham’s self help book was Evening Primrose Oil. I am going to start to take this again. The brand I took was called Naudicelle from Bio Oil Research in Nantwich. My question after waffling a bit with background is what type of oil should I take as a good MS supplement? I think I used to take Naudicelle Forte. There are others too though. Below is a link:


Any thoughts and advice before I go ahead and ring through an order would be much appreciated. Many thanks.


Hi, I take starflower oil because it is much stronger than evening primrose I buy from lamberts they are a bit more expensive but only have pure and stronger ingredients in. I follow the best bet diet from Judy Graham book.

Phil, I was advised by my Neuro when first diagnosed 6 years ago to take GLA. Have taken Evening Primrose Oil and also used Starflower Oil which generally provides 100% more GLA than Evening Primrose which is probably why it’s more expensive - you get what you pay for!. Haven’t a clue whether it works but definitely does no harm!

Tippy and simone2, thanks for your replies. I had a feeling it was the Forte which is the Starflower and fish oil, so I’ve ordered 6 tubs, total £92 for a year’s supply at six capsules a day. Well worth a go again!


Received my 6 tubs of Naudicelle Forte (mix of Borage and fish oil) this morning from Bio Oil Research after ordering over the phone on Thursday. I’ve always had great service from this company and the price is good too. Glad I’m getting back into the regimen of taking them. I struggle with arthritis in my big toes (have had this for years steadily getting worse) and I’m hoping this supplement will help there too. Phil