Anyone Taking Multivitamins and Evening Primrose Oil

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

Just a quick question. I have been taking Multivitamins for a couple of years now and am wondering whether it would be safe to take an Evening Primrose capsule daily too for menopause symptoms.

Anyone else taking both?

Checked on the internet and it seems it is ok to take both but just checking with my maties on here.

Shazzie xx

yes i have been takimng them for years

Hello Shazzie

I don’t personally take them but there’s no problem with taking the two together.

Awww thanks Trish and Noreen.

Happy New Year!!


Your welcome Shazzie

Have a look at my “Happy new year link”…12 steps to self care…see what you think

Have a great New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone…I have rarely posted on here but I know how important the cantact and support is. For the last seven years I have been struggling with the fact that neurologists have de - diagnosed me from having MS since 1988 to having FND. As my health is getting worse…I wear AFOs and have so many MS like symptoms…I have decided to leave you as I feel I no longer belong and it is time to face the ‘no man’s land’ of FND. My best wishes to you all and may the research continue to bring new possiblilites.

Ahh Crystalhealer, only leave if you really want to. There are other people on the boards who don’t have ms, so what!!

If its helping you whats the harm…I’m sure a lot of your symptoms must be similar and this is the everyday living link. If you do decide to go though, I wish you Love and Light in your future journey