Stand on one leg......................

Hi folks

I almost had to lol when the physio. asked me to stand on one leg… I had to start a new thread, it’s irresistable. 09:30 appointment barely got out of bed and opened both eyes, so ‘stand on one leg’ I’m damned glad to stand at all… I had to share with my G.Girls would have loved it so kna**ered now NOT to mention pain.

What do you expect to get from physio?’

‘Honestly, not a lot’

‘why are you here’

2 Consultants and a GP thought it might help.

Rowing is okay BUT not weight bearing watch this space next weekM

Hi M

Stand on one leg…they’re having a laugh, chance would be a fine

thing, especially at 9.30 in the morning!!

Handstand next week I presume!!

Pam x

Stand on one leg? Are they 'aving a laff?

Sounds like they’ve been employed by Atos…

9.30 in morning I’m happy if I’ve made it to the loo… as for weight bearing… hell it takes me all I’ve got to bear my own weight!

No wonder you’re knackered G. Girl !

On a more positive note, I won four quid at bingo!

Night all… sleep tight, Pat x

Stand on one leg? Not ever again I’m afraid. Weight bearing too? To use a Poll favourite, is this physio a numptie? Night Pat, Teresa xx

Cheers folks

I thought it was just me, it did make me Do you fall often? How about I stumble ALL the time! I must be hung over from my crane pose yesterday that lasted all of a nano second, or if you blink you would have missed it.

Well done with the bingo win, Pat.

have a good day,

No handstand folks, still can’t stand on one legDamn glad to be sitting on my comforty/padded seat AND I do mean the chair not my rear!!!


Huh, its a chuffin laff, innit?

But I do remember my physio telling me this a tick box in their line of treatment. It tells their bosses how able/not able someone is.

I couldn`t do it either.

luv GG Pollx

Hi folks

I am trying elbow crutches!! Not often that you start a conversation that way, they are not easy to get in and out of a car with. I appear to be slightly more stable. No standing on one leg or a handstandbad enough trying to get my brain around one stick/cane now I have 4 things (2 legs, 2 elbow crutches). It’s writing this, does it make sense?

Anyway have a good weekendI think I will lie down in a darkened room M

Hi hon, I have so often thought of trying them myself!!! Did you buy them or get them on NHS? Apparently there are some very stylish ones online in fab colours.

Good for you sweetie. I’m sure you’ll do great on them. Keep us informed of progress!!!

Hahahah could do with a darkened room myself at moment!

Have good weekend,

Pat x

What, stand on one leg and fall over? It’s bad enough trying to stand on two legs! And as for rowing, yes it’s good for the upper body…if you can get into the rowing machine without help, which I can’t!

Pacing myself - huh! Huh! Met my sister for coffee yesterday, I thought I’d show off with my elbow crutches. Too far to walk and I kept having to shout, ‘hey! remember me’. People just don’t ‘get it’, anyway I feel a what a day, glad to be sitting writing this in comfortcold cloth and a darkened roomM

Hi all,

Its been a while since I posted but have had a good read today of all your letters.

I too cannot stand on one leg, two is a problem, but I use walking poles. They are telescopic so they will go in and out of the car easily. Not much use if you need to put your weight on them but good for stabalising the balance.

I cant walk very far ( 20 metres max) but they get me from the car to the house and into my place of work so they work for me.

If you give it a go beware of the wag that asks when you are going skiing! You will find out that everbody is a comedian. (not)


Cheers Oscar and welcome back

I have to lean on my crutches often and my balance is much improved with them, if I thought I was kn**ckered yesterday, tonne truck has fallen on me today SO back to my baseline!! and my comfy chair

Have a good day folksM

Hi again,

Sorry to hear your having a worse day today, but par for the course though.

Just got back from having a swim. The only exercise I can do easily. Managed to do more lengths than normal, but walking was a lot worse afterwards so swings and roundabouts!!

Have a good weekend all


Hi folks, back to my ‘baseline’ this morning thank goodness

Take care,M

Hi M

Glad you are back to base, lovely sunny day here today, but

tomorrow sounds like c**p!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Take care

Pam x

Hi M Glad things are ‘normal’ today. I’ve had one of those too after weeks of cr*p, so it actually feels pretty good. Hope everyone else i’s as well as can be. Teresa xx

Take care folks,M