Is there any financial hel[p/aid i can get to get a stairlift?, my stairs are narrow and the best(ha, ha!) occ health/the council can offer me is a lift, that i don't want because it would mean 'loosing' big chunks from the front room and the bedroom, and who is good company for stairlifts?

When I lived in a house the council wouldn’t give me a stairlift either. They didn’t grant them for MS because a stairlift would not “meet my future needs”

You could try to see if you can find a granting organization – attached to your former employment perhaps. However when I tried this route the teacher’s benevolent fund required a report from an OT which scotched that approach.  You may be more lucky.


I contacted my local council and they said i could get a grant for a stairlift and wet room, they sorted it all out. Perhaps your stairs are just to narrow for a stairlift my stairs have two bends and only one company could supply one, i was told if they couldn't fit one then i would have to have a lift. I understand how you feel about a lift but my cousin had to have one and was supprised how well it blended dosen't look anything lik i thought it would.

Hope you get sorted

Tracy x


My first stair-lift was second-hand - a Stannah - and l used it for 20yrs. After we had an extension put on the house l had to have a new stair-lift. The company that fitted the first one and had serviced it for all that time - fitted the new rail and another second-hand seat. lt cost me about £800 - 5yrs ago. My stairs are narrow - but a straight flight. The stair-lift rail does not take up much room - only about 5inches. The company who fitted mine are in Worcs - a family firm who are Stannah trained - but do also sell other makes. They cover the SW Midlands. There are some good independant companies about. l am still thrilled with my stair-lift - after all this time.


i went to the ms society for a grant after being turned down for disabled grant . they kindly gave me £2000,towards a wet room.

are you in a council property? if you are it will not cost you a penny, I know as I’m in council property it cost me nothing, its a good job really as a ramp has been put at the front door,5 doors have been widened, new front and internal doors as the doors are now wheelchair accesable plus I have a wetroom as well, I was told by a council worker all the work cost 24k

I enquired about a stairlift, but I was told stairs were not the correct ones as they turn at the bottom,

so after OT’s advice I have a vertical lift, yes it freaked me out as my OT was thinking of the future, you can send it up and only bring it down when you need to use it or when youve gone to bed send it down so its not overpowering your bedroom, mine goes into what used to be a spare bedroom, its now known as the lift room,

downstairs the vertical lift is where the cloakroom was so I have it down all the time when I’m downstairs, and upstairs when I’m upstairs.

yes the mess was unbeleivable but now its all finished its beautiful, I think it took from start to finish 4 weeks… that kept me going once I could see the end.

Al x