stair lift advice

Hi all,I am thinking about purchasing a reconditioned stairlift in my home,does anyone have any past experience of such ,I have read that 2nd hand are cheaper and in good condition.I am not sure of price to buy outright,my stairs are normal straight with no curves.My other option would be to convert garage inc wetroom ,but this would be greater cost.Any idea iof what costs would be .thanks for your advice

Hi. Im not sure of your personal circumstances but would it be worth speaking to occupational therapy? I know they can sometimes organise these things. They may well be means tested though.

Recon stairlift is a used chair on a new rail £900 - £1200
Always haggle
Consider hire - £45/month or thereabouts


Hi, Geoff is right - l have had a stairlift for about 25yrs. Not the same one - as we did build on an extension which did alter the layout a bit. But first stairlift was secondhand [stannah] and so is the latest one. Had this about 5yrs. This is a new rail - secondhand chair but you would never know. Always try to use an independant company - you will get better and cheaper service. Never had any problem with my stairlifts. Last one cost about £800 - They can be fitted so quickly - with no fuss - if it is a straight stair.

They have been - alongside my Tramper scooter - my best friends.