Update on my Chair lift

Hello everyone thanks for all your replies. I have manged to get get the price for the curved stair lift down to £5200 with a 4 year warranty. So will be going ahead with this.

Stay safe.

Kielyn x


Nice one still quite expensive, but everything in London is.


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Hi Kielyn,

Good for you hope it all works out.

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Say have £4750, never accept the first price! My curved stair chair is brilliant. I’ve had mine for 5 years, remember to fit your seat belt every trip. Good luck. M x

Did you get the 20% VAT relief, or was the £5,200 already VAT
free price advertised at ?

Also, did you have the stair lift examined by an Occupational Therapist to see if it was suitable for you and whether or not the Social Services of your County Council would have payed part or the cost of the stair lift.

Hi, The chair lift was vat free price. And it was made to measure because I am fairly tall. No help from social services on this.


I’m glad you got a slightly cheaper price, take care M

Did you request their help with your stairlift from Social Services of your County Council ?