Chair lift

Hi Everyone.

Hope your all well and staying safe. I will be having a new chair lift installed as going up the stairs on my hand and knees has got a bit to hard.

There`s a company called Handi Care who have a reasonably priced chair lift my stairs are curved top and bottom. They quoted £6000 any thoughts?
Kielyn x


i Have a handi care chair lift they have always been polite and respond to fairly quickly to any call outs not that I`ve had many.


Wow, that sounds expensive. I need one as well and will have to have one with curves, I hope it won’t be so costly. I’m looking at as I live fairly near there.

This is a good company they are part of Companion chair lifts.

Maria x


Hello, It sounds ok so long as they have at least 4 year warranty with it

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The RAF Benevolent fund and SSAFA purchased a chair lift, walk in shower and comfy recliner armchair for me 2yrs ago, it gave me my life back.

Hi there,
Are you an ex RAF person or is it available for children of RAF personnel do you know?

Hi, yes i am ex RAF, sorry but i am not sure what you are asking me, could you please repeat your question?

They are cheaper places in the UK. Check in your local paper. If you can tell me which County you live in, I can search. In my opinion and I have over 35 years helping people find suitable appliances £6,000 is far too much. Also, as stair lift is exempt from VAT, you should have 20% knocked off the price, unless the price is already VAT exempted.

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Hi Lee,
As I am a child of a war veteran I was wondering if those benefits were available to children of RAF war veterans, and where I could find out this information.

Yes, the RAF have a Benevolent Fund, I’m sure they could help you. See : Serving families | Royal Air Force and/or