Stabbing pain in head

Hi everyone,

Happy Monday to all! I don’t write on here very often but wonder if anyone can help.

I’ve been experiencing a stabbing pain in the top of my head this morning. It has happend in the past but only once at a time with months in between. This morning it has happened 4 times. It’s like a knife going in the top of my head, lasts a few seconds then goes away. My vision is generally ok but my eyes just feel very tired and I have to think about focussing on the screen (at work so can’t really stop looimng at pc!)

Has anyone else experienced similar? I’m not atall sure if its MS related or just one of those things!

Thanks in advance,


Hi there, I have had that a few times, for me it is very painful, to the point it stops me in my tracks but i wouldnt describe mine like a knife as such. Again mine only last a few seconds and have months in between. Hope yours stops reoccuring, H

hi i have same problem stabbing in side of head, excruciating pain only lasts seconds but occurs about 20times in 4hour period

hi i also occasionally get a stabing in the back of my head…spoke to my ms nurse and she said it was most likely neuropathic pain but it doesn’t happen that often so i just let it run it’s course then forget about it…until the next time!!



have experienced shooting pains through my head. lasts a few mins but agony. i doubled dose of amytriptyline (still on higher dose but intend to reduce after this relapse)

ellie x

Hi i have shooting pains over my head in to my eyes but i have problems with my eyes at first doc thought i had a stroke but it was my ms anybody had this problem thanks

i had the same before ms. mine was like a meat cleaver in my head (drama queen)

my gp said it was probably coffee and when he asked me how many cups i drank (9) he said it most definitely is.

i cut down and went on decaff and the pains went away

carole x

-me too, especially when I suffered ON and a dreadful headache which lasted 2 years!

Seems to go with ms for some.

Hope your pain soon goes and never comes back.



Hello, i get this too and it flippin hurts!!! I just sit and hold my head till it eases off.

I saw a new consultant this week and he put it down to migraines but after reading all these posts im not so sure anymore. Hope it eases up for you

Cheryl x

Oh no - I’ve been getting these too. Only last about 20 seconds but sore.

Not another MS sympton please. Only drink 2 cups of coffee a day - can’t be that.

I suppose everything can be related back.

Jen x

Hi All, Yes I get stabbing pains in my head and my left eye. Very painfull, sometimes I have to hold my head with my hands!!! I also woke up with what felt like a hot knife going in my head…


Bump for Kizzy - she asked a question about this today.