Shooting/stabbing pains

Hi, I am looking for some advice and reassurance if possible. I’ve been diagnosed for 10 years with relapsing/remitting. I was diagnosed after an episode of optic neuritis. I have always had trouble knowing what is actually classed as a relapse but have slowly developed ‘symptoms’ over time. My optic neuritis flares up when I get hot or tired and have had issues with my bladder for a couple of years now. I often get cramp in my leg/foot and am very clumsy. Over the last few weeks I haven’t been feeling great, my GP said he suspected I had a winter virus and to take paracetamol etc. I’m a lot better than I was but have now started having weird pain and sensations going on. I have always been told by my consultant not to assume everything is down to MS but I am thinking this may be. Just wanted to see if anybody can relate - I am having sharp, shooting pains in my breasts, my stomach, my armpits and even my buttocks. Is this MS or should I speak to my GP. I am worrying about it which of course is making me anxious and probably making matters worse. Thanks for reading my essay haha

I get quiet a lot of stabbing pains due to my MS.I have recently had a severe relapse and i have been having them in my head caused by Trigeminal neuralgia which is part of my MS and very scary when it happens.I get the stabbing pain in other parts of my body too.I have had tests for the pain in my head as when it first happened i was scared it might be something else.Mine can get worse in relapse.I cope with mine by doing deep relaxation exercise’s when i was advised by the pain clinic and it helps me.

Thank you for replying, I have also had stabbing pains in the side of my head and had actually previously read about trigeminal neuralgia and wondered if it could be that. I have a phone consultation with my neurologist in a couple of weeks so will discuss all of this with him then. It sounds silly but as annoying as it is, I almost feel like I’ll feel more at ease if I know it is MS as at the moment I’m thinking all sorts! It’s really getting me down at the moment :frowning:

It may be that getting hot, feeling tired and having bladder issues are part of the 'relapse package which occurs from time to time.

Definately let your MS nurse know of your symptoms. In the meantime your GP may be able to prescribe some medication to help with your shooting pains. I’ve had the heads stabbing pains, which also gave a spasmn down my right side and effected my walking and speech. Best to let the drs know so they can help keep the symptoms at bay until your relapse is over. Sharon

I could do with being stabbed, or preferably shot…

not making light of your pain KB, that was just my reaction. I hope you find some relief

In my opinion ALL new pain should be investigated! Take care, M

Thank you all. I have a telephone appt with my GP tomorrow so will see what they say!

Ask GP for some anti-biotics for bladder infections.

I am on a maintenance dose of Trimethoprim (one tablet only taken at bedtime).

I too have stabbing pains I take Amitrptyline and Neurontin to help this. It takes a while to get used to them but if you persevere you get used to them. And they definitely help me, so it’s worth a try.
I hope you get your pain under control- nothing worse it drags you down x