Sharp head pain prior to relapse?

Hi is it a coincidence that I have very sharp pain on one side of head prior to start of relapse along with extreme fatigue? Thanks J x

Hi J,

I haven’t had relapses recently, touch wood, apparently having got most of them out of the way before diagnosis!

However, I’ve never had an unfailing warning of a relapse, but analysing them afterwards, I think I usually did feel more tired on the run-up - but not alarmingly so.

The only unusual pain I’ve had prior to a relapse was in my feet. I was away on a Christmas holiday at the time, and had bought new Winter boots specially, so I assumed the foot pain was down to the new shoes, which hadn’t been properly broken in.

Except that after I got home, I developed buzzing in my feet (never got that from new shoes before, but blamed it on a vibrating heating pump), and finally they went completely numb! So I do think the pain was unconnected with footwear, and obviously an early sign something was wrong, but I didn’t make the connection 'til afterwards. I’ve had other relapses (or things I now believe were relapses) that didn’t present with foot pain - or any pain at all.



I get head pains often! It first started 10 yrs ago that went on to a relapse with spasms and the pains were like warning signals. Now they just come and go. I’m in a relapse at the moment and I’m getting them, but no spasms yet! I like to think it’s my bodies first defence line against the ms attack!!! If the sharp stabbing pain gets too much there are meds that will help. Ive used amtriptiline, carbamazapine & gabapentin in the past. Have you spoken to your gp or ms nurse? Good luck x

Thank you It seems that head pain is my warning. I have had symptoms for 7 years, diagnosed last year. The sharp head pains started during the first relapse and I for certain as I don’t even get headaches that it started then! Defence does seem a good answer. I would be getting pain lasting just a few hours and tired, but thankfully I’m ok. When I get a relapse the pain and tiredness is so much more. We only have one nurse in our area so I am supported by my lovely neuro so will talk to her about it. thanks again